Car Plows Through Hospital, Ramming People in Waiting Room

Car Plows Through Hospital, Ramming People in Waiting Room

You must be asking the same thing I’m asking so let’s ask it aloud – female driver?

CCTV camera in a hospital filmed a surprise moment when patients waiting to see their doctor in a waiting room got rammed by a car that plowed through the hospital’s front door. A mother with a baby in a pram was one of many that took a direct hit. It takes a very special driver to manage all that.

I don’t have any background info whatsoever on the incident so I’m just deriving possible backstory from what the video shows.

Props to Best Gore member kac for the vid:

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  1. This happened in Palm Coast Florida at a supermarket. Driver was a 76-yr old woman. Believe it or not the baby and her mother survived, in fact last I heard there were 8 injuries total, no fatalities.

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