Car Suddenly Turns and Plows Through Bus Stop

Car Suddenly Turns and Plows Through Bus Stop

Car Suddenly Turns and Plows Through Bus Stop

Strange accident was caught on CCTV. A car driver had whole wide road for himself but took a sudden turn and plowed full speed through a bus stop. Someone is seen crossing the road just before the car passed through there, making it almost look as if the driver wanted to intentionally hit that person but missed him and instead hit people at the bus stop.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. Yep, not a single gore dream for me. Just stuff that would happen in my waking life and tangents I don’t realise are nonsensical until I wake up. Hadn’t even had any sex dreams until recently. My mind is seemingly more sanitary than I would like it to be.

      2. My dream are FILLED with BG driven themes!!! Last night I had a dream that I flipped my car across my side of the freeway traffic and the opposite! No one hit me but I was all bloody and out of it! No one would help me but they were talking to each other. So either I was dead and didn’t want to face it OR I was in Thailand! Lol

        1. lmao @ the Thailand reference. it’s probably good that some of this stuff is rubbing off on you in regards to awareness and safety but at the same time I would be cautious that the more graphic content isn’t dominating your sub conscious. Desensitivity is the best thing that can happen to a person- under certain circumstances of course.

  1. My bet is that the driver tried to avoid to runover the crossing pedestrian ande as the car went forward the opposite line, he corrected the direction but lost control of the vehicle.

  2. Where is this? Middle East? If so, looks like an attempted ‘drift’ gone wrong.

    Never fails to amaze me how these people cry Allah Akbar and then go and mess with the laws of the real God (Nature) like it’s something completely distinct. Insane.

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