Careless Girl Turns Somersaults Getting Hit by Car

Careless Girl Turns Somersaults Getting Hit by Car

Caught on dashcam in Russia – careless girl rushed across the road to catch a bus but got so focused on catching that bus, she forgot all about road safety and ran straight in the path of a passing car. The car had no chance to avoid her, hit her and propelled her into an impressive somersault. A solid 9.3 at least. Although she gets a penalty for getting up and walking on her two feet, albeit limping.

It happened in the city of Khabarovsk, which is all the way in far south-east of Russia, near the border with China.

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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36 thoughts on “Careless Girl Turns Somersaults Getting Hit by Car

    • 8.1,,,,8.0,,,,,,,7.9,,,,,9.0,,,,,,8.2,,,,,judges total marks–41.2 she currently leads the competition in ” women’s double flip 3/4 twist hit-by-car ” Event,,,,,wow,,,if only she could have thrown in a double somersault,,she would definitely win Gold…!!!!

  1. Wow she was hardly dazed even, looks like she still wanted to catch her bus. Penalties for being late for work must be tough there.

  2. Always the broads getting hit. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again another bitch thinking the world stops just cause she’s crossing the street. Sorry lady you lose

  3. I still believe that she still may have suffered from a ruptured spleen or something the like.

    She is in shock and she wouldn’t be the first one walking away from an accident scene just to realize that she is severely hurt or possibly even dying/dead.

    Since we know the location of the accident, is there any more back story on the injuries she sustained?

    • [email protected] on said:

      Jeesh…serious? ruptured spleen?
      The bitch deserves what she gets.

  4. At first I thought she broke her leg because that was the first point of contact, but they she got up.. she must’ve been pretty warm with vodka to run carelessly across the street like that.

  5. people are so caught up in their own lives that they can never see the forest for the trees…that’s why in this age, with all these cell phones and shit its so easy to sneak up on someone.

  6. Boy that is some strong russian bitch man fuck you could beat that all over the house and she’ll still come back for more wow imagine if drunk oh what fun we’d have

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