Caught on CCTV in Russia – Children Getting Run Over

Caught on CCTV in Russia - Children Getting Run Over

Caught on CCTV in Russia - Children Getting Run Over

When it comes to traffic accidents from Russia, a more typical label would be “Caught on Dashcam”. So for a change, here’s a couple of accidents from Russia that were caught on CCTV.

The video is an excerpt from some kind of program put together in a response to growing number of accidents involving children. Two different accidents are depicted – the second one is rather alarming since the road was not too busy and that girl ran in the path of a single car coming from the left in a while. The driver tried to dodge her, but she put herself in his way so suddenly, he could not entirely avoid it. So she did a few impressive ragdoll spins. I’d say she deserves at least 9.7 from the Russian judge.

Props to Best Gore member kac for the video:

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31 thoughts on “Caught on CCTV in Russia – Children Getting Run Over”

  1. my scores

    100 for guts
    100 for idiocy
    -3 for getting up
    100 for getting hit in the winter (my favorite time of year)
    100 for spontaneous action
    -100 for wearing shoes
    -100 for bundling up like a pig in a blanket

    over all score 97

  2. anyone else notice that on the first one, the kid didnt look either way, and in the second the kid didnt walk out to the end of the vehicle to look around it?

  3. The cop they interview looks bored as hell…the last girl does a good flip off of that hood but loses points on the landing. Sorry, try again next year.

  4. The one at 0:35 either wanted to get hit or is completely idiotic, because she looked right at the car before running out in front of it.

    I wonder if this is what Californians mean when they say “flip a bitch!” 😀

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