Caught on Dashcam in Russia – Speeding Driver Causes Fatal Crash

Caught on Dashcam in Russia - Speeding Driver Causes Fatal Crash

Caught on dashcam in Russia – speeding driver was trying to pass several vehicles at once, but as he reached a truck in front of the vehicle with the dashcam, he noticed a quickly approaching oncoming car and attempted to brake. Given his excessive speed and the fact that winter road condition made the highway slippery, the vehicle got into a skid, stripping the driver of the means to control it. The oncoming car had a speed of its own and with little gap between the truck and the skidding car, it had no safe passage through. It clipped the skidding car, got into a spin and in the way of the vehicle with the dashcam.

The dashcam vehicle, I believe was a large truck. The entire height of the car that crashes into it fit below its windscreen. The driver of the car had no chance and died upon impact. I believe both the passing vehicle and the oncoming one were speeding so they both carried the responsibility for the crash, although the passing car was the ultimate reason by getting in the way of the other speeding car, offering him no safe passage through.

23 thoughts on “Caught on Dashcam in Russia – Speeding Driver Causes Fatal Crash

  1. I hate drivin’ in snow and or ice, I rolled three vehicles in shit like that (hey, maybe I’m dwa???) or just retarded, or maybe I drive too fast? Or maybe I don’t give a fuck?

  2. I’ve seen more than a few dash cam video’s of Russian’s driving too fast for conditions, ending piled up dead on the roadway. My suggestion to future casualty’s, go even faster an have your entire family in the vehicle so as there’s more bodies strewn about the road. Thank you in advance..

  3. all that was going through my mind was that Russian style tune from the old original Tetris game………do dododo do do do dododo do do do dododo do do dodo

  4. Umf again the worst thing is that the instigator got away with his miserable life intact. And this “road” that appears in this video looks like the same fucking death road from a lot of the other videos. Must be high class russian road 馃槢

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