CCTV Video of Truck Crushing Motorcyclist at an Intersection

CCTV Video of Truck Crushing Motorcyclist at an Intersection

A CCTV camera captured a video of a motorcyclist getting crushed by a truck at an intersection in Sousa, state of Paraiba, Brazil but unfortunately the camera queefed at the worst possible moment so there’s a bit of a hick up happening just when you don’t want it to.

This video shows both the arrogance of truck drivers who will go in their direction with no regard to other traffic, but also the stupidity of motorcyclists who instead of lining up behind the last vehicle stopped at an intersection, cut it short and squeeze themselves right to the front, cause their vehicles are narrow. This one paid for it big time.

I don’t have any info on whether the motorcyclist died, but getting crushed by a set of rear truck wheels doesn’t bode well for any fleshy virus no matter what.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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54 thoughts on “CCTV Video of Truck Crushing Motorcyclist at an Intersection”

      1. generally truck drivers don’t give a shit. but that’s not their fault, they have to make those deliveries on time or they are fucked, and if a stupid FV gets in the way…meh
        as others have said, this site has made me a much more cautious driver, i dont fuck with big trucks

    1. @Whitechapel, I just got the best laugh to start my day with you’re comments. The two people may be lucky to have seen that in ‘our’ eye’s, in their eye’s they probably wish they didn’t. The reaction from them tells the video viewer just how nasty it really was.

  1. When I make a left or right hand turn I always double check, wing mirrors and turning around to make sure thier isn’t a two wheeled vehicle coming up beside me in my blind spot, ALWAYS.
    She pretty much commited suicide though, she was in the wrong lane, wasn’t paying attention and was on motorbike with no power to accelerate her way out of trouble.

      1. It takes two to make an accident. The truck driver doesn’t give a fuck about the traffic, because he knows no matter what happen, he won’t get hurt. The biker, on the other hand, should know that if she gets involved in an accident, she will probably hurt herself, so she should be the careful one.

  2. I take it the motorcyclist won’t be getting up to limp over to the truck, with an exposed red cyborg eye, to kill the driver and then tell his passenger to “Get out.” in a stiff Austrian accent…? No? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I’ve been watching too many movies lately.

  3. 80% fault of biker (for not keeping an eye on the truck and not using proper lane to go straight)
    20% to truck-driver (for not using his rear-view mirror and accelerating too much on a turn)
    100% fault of the on-looking passengers for their bad luck to be on that pedestrian-path to witness the incident

  4. it looked like the dumb bitch riding the scooter fucked up.
    truck was in right lane, there is a parking lane that the scooter not only decided to go into ,but was in a blind spot of the truck, but tried to go straight and the truck looked like it had right of way to turn right.

  5. I actually had the exact same thing happen to me only I was in my jeep and the semi-truck only managed clipped my front left bumper with its rear right wheels, the asshole truck driver was talking on his phone taking his sweet fucktime at a stop sign

    1. Anyways the asshole was on his phone taking his sweet fucking time all the while I’m waiting for this fucking asshole to get on his merry fucking way which seems like its never gonna happen, so I start thinking to myself what the fuck is this dickhead waiting for and why the fuck am I waiting for him to do it so I put on my signal to turn right and go around his stupid ass when the dumb mother fucker decides he wants to turn right at the exact same time seeing the truck coming my way I start honking like crazy to try and avoid him from hitting me but the dickface is still so busy talking on his phone that he can’t hear me honking and sure enough the fuck face plows right into my bumber dragging my jeep toward a couple of feet before it hooks its self from that retards truck, and then what does this stupid motherfucker do acts nothing happend and keeps driving along so I went after the bitch and made him stop which he didn’t want to but he did anyway, when I got off my jeep I was surprised to see nothing really happend to it so no need to trade information organ of that shit but I was gunna lay into him and find out what the fuck his problem was and soon as he got off his truck I could see he was shitting bricks the faggot was nervous as fuck and for good reason he could tell I was really fucking pissed and ready to beat his ass, he came up with some lame excuse that he was lost and thats why he was taking so long and taking on the phone and that he didn’t know he had hit me either way he said he was sorry and I could tell that he was, he also seemed pretty scared which told me this wasn’t the first time he’s fucked up like this in fact I’m pretty sure he thought he was gunna lose his job if his boss or company found out about it but I felt he got the point that I was pissed cause of his carelessness and that was good enough for me.

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