Child with Broken Arm Stuck in a Car Wedged In a Gutter

Child with Broken Arm Stuck in a Car Wedged In a Gutter

Child with Broken Arm Stuck in a Car Wedged In a Gutter

There is a child with badly injured arm in this video. The injury looks bad enough to possibly require amputation. The child is stuck on a passenger’s seat of a car that was driven into the gutter and got wedged there. The driver was able to get out of the car, but the child was on the side of the vehicle which slid into the gutter and that slide damaged her arm. Unable to pull herself out of the wreck, the child desperately tries but fails. The crowd then pulls the car out and rescues the child, exposing trauma to her arm.

Before you click on the play button, you should mute the sound first. The video was audio dubbed with atrocious Indonesian music. But it’s not only shit music that raises questions about this video. At around 4:06 mark few members of the crowd start simulating epileptic seizures because they’re so devastated by the trauma to child’s arm. I mean – what is it with Muslims feeling the need to act like complete retards on camera? WTF?

Did you mute the video before playing? Not very graphic video – give it a pass if you like to play an internet tough guy who doesn’t feel like a complete man unless he’s seen as someone for whom nothing’s gory enough.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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56 thoughts on “Child with Broken Arm Stuck in a Car Wedged In a Gutter”

  1. Strangely enough, the first thing the guy did when getting the kid into his arms is run hard, bouncing her up and down.
    I’m sure that sucked quite a bit.

    Compressing that old carpet with who-knows-what all over it (most likely human doo-dee skidmarks) and presses it right on her open wound, great goin’ guy.

    “….what is it with Muslims feeling the need to act like complete retards on camera? WTF?”

    Mark, and you humbly say that your writing ability sucks…then how the fuck do you come up with such funny shit to write like that?

    I, and we appreciate Your sense of humility, as well as the new gore….hardcore or not, it’s something new to talk words on….which rocks.

  2. Now that is nice to see. People helping others. that entire crowd, they could have just walked on, but they didn’t they stayed to help. And giving her water was the best thing they could do since it must be hot there and she was in the sun for Goddess knows how long and since she was trapped in there and losing blood, stay hydrated was the they could do to help at that point until they could move the car. and she is such a cute little girl and brave, I didn’t hear her scream one bit while watching this.

  3. @Everybody in the video Calm the fuck down! I’m sure even with one arm you can find something for her to do in the sweatshop. Those khaki purposely worn-in cargo shorts Hollister ordered will be ready in time. No douchebag will go without this summer. Trust me. Now get to work!!!

  4. Honestly, it warmed my heart to see this random strangers rally around this child. These people were (for lack of a better term) ‘mourning’ for this child and the accident. I’ll compare it to how Americans reacted to 9/11. We all felt the pain of all the lives lost. Its the same thing.

    1. except that the driver fucked up due to his own stupidity…which I guess is similar because she just got in the car…..9/11, they just went to work.

      A bad day delt by the efforts of others…..looking at it that way i can see your point

  5. i never mute videos unless it’s animal abuse because i can’t stand a dog/cat/pig being tortured or getting killed but you’re right unlike the catchy muslim music this track is shit poor lil girl those bastards are hurting her

  6. If this was China they all would have taken a peak in the car then kept walking.
    I can’t believe how dramatic they acted after they got her out of the car. I felt bad for the poor kid but I laughed when I seen that pathetic display near the end.

    1. @bidity, where are you? I’m starting to really miss you, I hope you are not upset that @slicer hates the fact that we chat and use BG as a ‘social’ site? Don’t worry about him, just come back!!! xxx

  7. No Parking Here ANYTIME

    They were just on their way to do a suicide bombing, and THIS happens.. Ahhh who fucking cares! Blow it here in the gutter!

    And the music is lovely..I have this nagging urge to go buy some fertilizer and a tracphone for some reason.

  8. Small girl trapped in crashed car,possibly leaking fuel…better light up a cigarette and stand on the bonnet. Indonesians,thanks for the laughs! However,that one armed girl took it like a champ. I salute you Miss!

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