Child Crushed by Truck, Skull Cracked Open with Brains Spilled

Child Crushed by Truck, Skull Cracked Open with Brains Spilled

Child Crushed by Truck, Skull Cracked Open with Brains Spilled

Brutal death for a child. Crushed by the wheels of a trailer pulled behind a semi truck. Even though the truck crushed the child’s torso, its skull is cracked open and brains spilled. The video was filmed on a low resolution cell phone camera so it’s not very clear but there appears to be a motorcycle further under the trailer.

I’ve seen children as young as 7 riding motorcycles in Asia and Latin America. I don’t have any information about where this happened and how old the child was, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the child was riding that motorcycle and got mowed down by the truck.

Props to Best Gore member drccoco for the video:

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25 thoughts on “Child Crushed by Truck, Skull Cracked Open with Brains Spilled”

  1. Very hard to see a child crushed like that. I would rather die than to see one of my kids like that. Fucked up way to die ..fucked up shit to see happen to you child.

    1. Exactly. It’s painful to see something like that happened to a child. No child deserves to go that way. I don’t a crap though about the drunken dumb asses that get killed that way.

      1. actually not having children garauntees that you will never have to deal with them dying horrific deaths.
        seriously, just stop breeding, please. well, Nature has its own way of dealing with overpopulation…it’s called starvation

        1. Hey I never said anything about one of my own kids because I don’t have any and don’t plan to. Just saying about any child in general. I guess I see your point about starvation. It’s sad but I guess let nature take it’s course.

          1. seriously guys, who will take care of you when you grow old…..home for the aged sucks, also to whom would you give your property and asset when you pass away?

  2. Looks like the child was riding with the father, and when the truck backed up and struck them the dad got out of the way but the kid was not so lucky, looks like the man standing over the kids shattered body was his dad.

    1. Well what made the truck fall over? I think somthing else happened cause the truck is leaning over like some bigger crash. And maybe they were tryin to squeeze thru the small space. idk

      1. @1girl1cup, it looks like the trailer part of this rig came off the frame. Perhaps it was hit by another truck that caused the box trailer to separate from the frame.

  3. It’s amazing , I love it.The offspring which you created with your own dick, to see him crushed, with his brains out;such a delight to watch .Excuse me for not being a potential good father but this is just great.

  4. I bet the driver of that truck is going to be in big trouble. Why would somebody film their child with his head crushed like that anyways. The dude with the camera is moron really. He deserves to die.

  5. Kids are dumb, they don’t know any better. They listen to parents that are also stupid and this is the usual result.

    My brother drives like an idiot with his kids in the car and they think it’s cool. All I can see is when they are older they will drive like that too, and possibly kill themselves.

    Stupid parents = Dead kids

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