Child Hit by Young Female Driver on a Road in Russia

Child Hit by Young Female Driver on a Road in Russia

Little boy was struck by a young female driver on a road somewhere in Russia and hit his head on the pavement pretty bad. He’s alive, but badly shaken and in pain. His head is bleeding but many drivers stopped to help him so hopefully someone called an ambulance to save the boy’s life.

The video is over 11 minutes long but nothing happens until about 3:30 so unless you want to watch images of Russian backcountry and listen to some guy speak Russian, fast forward. What’s somewhat alarming is that the driver appears to hand operate the camera. He has a dashcam too, but this video was filmed on hand cam which he swung around while he was driving. Very irresponsible of him.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. It’s illegal to chat on your cell phone while driving but go ahead and operate a hand held video camera. If you’re lucky you’ll catch the guy crossing the street on camera before you run over him.

  1. Well I was hit by a car when I was young in a similar situation. Crossing where I am not suppose to, though I got away with nothing, but I learned my lesson then, hopefully this kid is alright and he learns his lesson.

    It is hard to see what exactly happens but from the looks of it that kid should not be crossing the road there.

  2. Ineteresting. The driver turned on the camera just to film the beautiful landscape around (the road leading from the city of Ufa, Republic of Bashkotostan in Russia). At 3:33 he says “Oops! A dog has been hit”. After a few secs: “No fuck! That’s a human being! Tvoyu mat! (you all BG guys already know what that means). A human being, I can see a female driver…A kid! Yob tvoyu mat” etc, etc…

    1. One leg crushed , the head injured. From 8:00 the kid repeadetly says “I wanna go home, please!!”. Everybody there (especiilay the kind camera guy!) tries to comfort him in any possible ways (with words, with first medical aid) before the arrival of ambulance.

      1. The kid actually stayed pretty calm,even remembered his address. Or maybe he was in shock like the all knowing narrator said…the guy filming sounds like someone from star trek keeping a ship’s log when you come to think about it

  3. A young female driver reversed into my car at a set of traffic lights about two months ago, she would have tried to drive away had she not gone into full panic mode and started stalling her car every other second.

    I asked her politely what did she think she was doing and she refused to speak or turn off her engine, luckily a few drivers came to my assistance and eventually she turned of the engine and spoke and her excuse for the accident, she was driving an automatic and put it in the wrong gear.

    The moral of the story, some young women must spread them wide to pass their test, it’s the only logical conclusion.

    1. In all my life I’ve just seen two women drivers who can drive as a mere male.

      P.S. To be honest, I’ve been to Canada once (not been to US), and to Europe several times. My concusion is: Russian female drivers are not the best (female driver anyways), but are much more better that Western female drivers – they can even drive Lada or any other old European/Japanese/American car with a manual transmission no one US lady would ever dare to drive.

    2. Haha. Always wondered how some people manage to get on the road @Empty soul . If they can’t drive an automatic what hope do they have anyway ? I might quit my job and become a driving instructor for the “perks” !

    3. I agree with you all, for every one good female driver there are many terrible ones. Male drivers tend to be more guilty of speeding offences and high speed collisions whilst female drivers are more guilty of changing direction without indicating, misuse of gears, opening car doors out onto busy, high traffic roads without checking for traffic, they believe mirrors are for applying makeup with and not for checking surroundings, the list goes on.

      To summarise, men are more likely to crash due to speed whilst women are more likely to cause accidents due to a complete lack of awareness for their surroundings.

      I know a woman at work who offered to give me a lift to where we needed to go that day and whilst in the car I feared for my life as she told me about all the accidents she has had, she even laughed about it and spoke with pride about the time when she accidentally took some poor bastards wing mirror off and drove away without stopping.

      There is a certain amount of acceptance for poor driving from our female counterparts if they can speak unashamed about such things, safe to say I never accepted any lifts from her ever again.

  4. You have to ask what the kid was doing in the middle of such a busy highway, especially when the right side of the highway seems to steep to climb, hope he’s alright .

    But then maybe he was playing frogger.

  5. This is sad! So glad I didn’t end up in Russia. My dad was born and lived there until he was 20ish.

    These poor kids suffer, because the dumbass adults are too busy RUSHIN’ around! πŸ˜€ did the woman offer any help to the boy, after plowing into him? So glad he lived!.

    I just got hit, from behind, when I was sitting at a red light on July 4th. It was a female driver, another chick upfront ad two guys/teens in the back. All were 17-18 and all were drunk! I was taking my 2yo and 6yo niece & nephew home, and was struck. Luckily my G-Wagon is big and bulky, but the teens cavalier, still creamed the ass end of my vehicle! The girl admitted she was texting, and when police got there, they gave them tickets and left to another situation! The cavalier followed me to a gas station and the two guys tried to start a fight? How dumb are people? Kids don’t need to be put through that shit!

  6. So he’s playing with his new walky talky,filming,driving and overtaking cars and admiring nature…now that’s multitasking. Plus he seems really excited about his surrounding, which looked pretty normal to me. ????????….?????????

    1. In the US, playing in a busy road can pay good money! LOL

      A friend of mine got creamed at 16-years-old by an old dude in a car. Completely my friends fault. After 2 years of litigation, he received $20k. Me personally, when I was 18-years-old, getting a shattered leg and then $20,000.00, would have totally been worth playing in the street.

    1. White bitches can drive. I average about 90,000 miles a year driving across the US and have yet to get in an accident, or get a ticket of any kind. I also pick up hitchhikers. Please do not stereotype :p

  7. I don’t think the lady driver (with the boobie popping out of her dress btw – which im surprised @broke didn’t comment on) hit the little guy. She was too far back – it looks like she came across this kid on the road – perhaps someone speeding ahead of her (lets say a MAN for shits and giggles) hit the boy and sped off

    1. Hello Lexa, you’ve joined us at an opportune time…so much to learn…so much to see…you may have come here as a girl but you will leave as a woman. All I ask is that you leave the pouty face behind.

  8. I know his head was bleeding but was thinking should you really be moving his head so much he could have a spinal injury, cudnt they of slided something underneath without having to lift it so high n turn it over so much? they could of done more damage. also did anyone see that lump on his leg? think a broken bone snapped under the skin poking out?

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