Chinese Can’t Drive for Shit Compilation

Chinese Cant Drive for Shit Compilation

Only three minutes long, but action packed compilation of the Chinese showing us why the driving stereotype holds ever so true. And this is all from just one city – Shanghai.

There is no audio, because none of the individual videos contained any audio tracks. These are all videos captured by CCTV cameras recording action on various intersections and sections of busy roads in Shanghai. By looking at some of the incompetence of Chinese drivers, I can’t help but conclude that the Chinese truly can’t drive for shit.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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43 thoughts on “Chinese Can’t Drive for Shit Compilation”

  1. People are always bitching that people in China don’t stop for an accident. If I saw any of these stupid crashes in person I wouldn’t bother stopping either. Most of these people have plenty of time to avoiding driving into the back of somebody.

  2. It is well known that the Chinese eyesight is one of the worst. They represent one-fifth of the world’s total blind or sight impaired. Giving a Chinese a car is like giving a gun to a blind guy on a shooting range.

    The pedestrian running into the bike was pretty funny.

  3. The Asians, particularly the main land Chinese, Koreans and Japanese tend to suffer from a lemming mentality.

    They are taught at school to digest nothing but facts in factory like settings, this makes them academically good but woefully lacking in observational skills.

    The end result is a population that goes around in their own little bubble oblivious to their surroundings, add moving vehicles to the equation and you have crushed lemmings.

    1. You guys are talking like there’s never a car accident in the west. It’s because transit authorities don’t release crash footages for public enjoyment that you guys get to boast how white people never get into a car accident. Plus driving is a new privilage for many in Asia, so the accident rate is bound to be high vs countries that have every regular Joe driving since 17. Russians seem to be the exception to this rule, but half the time they’re fucked up on vadka while driving anyway.

    1. You might be onto something. Have you ever done the basic physics experiment of the double-slit diffraction of light? The resulting diffraction pattern is quite messy but interesting to show the wave nature of light.

    1. They can run over each other all day long. The problem I have is when they cause accidents involving the rest of us! Just yesterday some Asian driving an older Toyota mini van, like many of them, jumped into my lane and then proceeded to slam on his brakes for no legitimate reason and almost caused me to rear end him by inches. Of course, by law I would’ve been held responsible due to this idiot’s incompetence. I just wonder how many other thousands of accidents do they cause, while leaving the other innocent parties responsible for their errors!

  4. That’s a great compilation. Driver education classes could use this video for examples of what happens when people assume they have the right of way or they’ll stop in time. – aside from all that I loved the clip of the person laying in the street run over by speedracer .

  5. It’s not just the Chinese who can’t drive for shit, it’s all Asians in general. As far as women go…they just don’t have the balls to drive offensively. The day that women take over NASCAR and the NHRA will be the day that all men should snip their nuts off and take over the position of stay at home mom.

  6. As a DWA driver myself who is actually commuting in and out of Shanghai on a daily basis, I say that based on my own personal experiences, the majority of traffic accidents, also show in the vid, are caused by scooters/bikes who DO NOT give a fuck about traffic light signals and ironically, the local police don’t issue fines against these kind of reckless behaviors. As for those chinky fleshy viruses actually behind the wheels, one of the most annoying things they do is talking on cellphones while driving and in the meantime significantly reduce their speeds causing traffic to pile up or vehicles behind them to dangerously swerve. Again, nobody is fined here by talking on the phone while driving. Also, in the so-call Chinese driving theory books, there is nowhere to find the term “the right of way”. Most of those dead scooter/bike riders in the vid deserve to be eliminated from the already bloated
    Chinese gene pool anyway as we have enough lowlives in this country already.

  7. Most of what I saw on the video were red-light runners, moped obliviots, or idiots who cannot comprehend that on rain slicked roads or city streets, you might, just might, want to slow the fuck down. Do they even require people to pass tests to drive or is it just an f-ing free for all?

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