Criminal Chased by Victims Dies in Motorcycle Crash

Criminal Chased by Victims Dies in Motorcycle Crash

Sick and tired of having their property constantly burglarized, residents of the community of Lagoa Seca, in the municipality of Cabaceiras do Paraguaçu some 157 km from Salvador in the province of Bahia, Brazil took justice into their own hands.

For months the residents have been victimized by a group of criminals that raided homes and shops, stole motorcycles and robbed pedestrians. But on Saturday morning of April 14, 2012 – which is a favorite day of the week for the criminals to come out and steal, they got a chance to strike back.

Two of the criminals have been making their rounds around the community looking for their next victims when they were identified by the owner of the stolen motorcycle they were riding. The tip was quickly passed around and before you know it, the criminals had a group of their former victims on their tails.

During the flight, the criminals clipped a fence and crashed the motorcycle. One of them died on the spot all battered up, the other one managed to get away. For now.

Both criminals were identified as residents of Baixa do Palmeiras in Sapeaçú, Bahia and were well known to the police. Unfortunately, each time they were caught, the jail time earned only put them out for a few months at max and as soon as released, they got back to stealing. After this encounter, one of them will steal no more.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. I would imagine that I would have a bad trip, but since I’ve been coming here on a dailybasis for the past 2yrs viewing gore doesn’t effect me like it did when I first started coming here in fact in the beginning gore had nauseous and depressing effects on me, the nausea was always caused by the feeldepression and not the gore it self but the depression was definitely caused by the gore me as I’m sure it did on most SOBs who might even enhance my trip who knows

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