Crushed Remains of Traffic Accident Victim Collected and Bagged

Crushed Remains of Traffic Accident Victim Collected and Bagged

A traffic accident victim was crushed into mush on a road somewhere in Indonesia. I don’t know much else about the video and since the only recognizable part of the victim’s body is one leg, I can’t even tell if it’s a man or a woman.

Having happened in Indonesia, the video is of very low resolution but what it lacks in picture clarity, it makes up for with severity of carnage. The remains, barely resembling a human form were collected and bagged, but somewhere mid bagging, the cameraman flipped his cell phone upside down so half of the video is a neck twister.

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          1. You should have known better, Ma’am. You ain’t no rookie! Now, if you’ll kindly give me the key to this cock cage so I can take a wiz, rub an easy one out to this gore vid, and then really go to work on you, I’d be most appreciative. πŸ˜‰

          1. I don’t even want to try to remember if she did……………VOMIT. I’ve been making my own sammiches for a loooooooooong mudda fukkin’ time, so I think not. Still gross to think about, though. Gugh…

    1. You mean the one who was scrubbing the asphalt with organs as if they were sponges or magnets?! Serious props, dude. What about when the guy/girls’ infected blood seeps beneath his unclean nail beds? The infection! Or even worse..the superbugs??*shudder*

  1. I was thinking that was a head under the left armpit, and it was! Looks like the inside of the upper torso was squeezed out, leaving an empty chest bag. Fair fucks to the guy for barehanding his insides into the bag, although he should have shoved them up the dead guys arse and boiled him, do an Indonesian twist on the Scottish classic, haggis. I can picture Hannibal sitting down to dinner, wearing a kilt and a tartan gimp mask.

  2. man! that was just like one of those tubes of ground beef!

    I have to say…that’s true love when one fondles your innards *sigh*

    by the way….did I hear allah whackbar in the beginning or am I hallucinating again?

    1. Lol, this is the result of checking on bestgore after waking up. I didn’t even read the text. But i did get the feeling that it was indeed Indonesia before even reading it.

      I wonder how the Dutch ever managed to colonize that backwards place.

      These people can’t complete a sentence without using the word Allah. It’s so endemic to their behavior that its almost like an intrinsic genetical trait. Muslims, out of all religious people, are the most brainwashed, to a point that it gets scary to even obseve as an outsider.
      But being fair, all religions are a poison, a delusion meant to control the masses, providing a false sense of hope and unfounded answers to the questions we started to ask once our brain developed enough to try and seek an understanding of our own existance.

      1. do you know that belief in religion has a sharp eqaution to intelligence? yep the more intelligent someone is the less likely they will follow a religion. religion is for weak minded sheep who would rather give their life and low iq’s to something that isnt there

          1. that’s why they are so easily led, they are afraid to or unable to think for themselves.
            they want to be told that everything will work out and that when they die they will have eternal happiness and see everyone they loved again…because they can’t accept or comprehend dying alone and getting nothing for their time on this planet. no closure for their suffering except death itself. never seeing anyone of their loved ones ever again.
            i was, for a time, naive enough to think that when i died i would get to meet my mother. but i know now that that is bullshit.

            “when the chips are down, these…civilized people will eat each other.”- the joker

        1. Atheists on average have higher IQ’s, higher levels of education, and lower incarceration/murder/rape rates. Some of that can be attributed to the fact that religions tend to spread their influence in economically unstable Third World countries for obvious reasons ie. Christianity in South America and Islam in the Middle East, but those are facts, not theory.

        2. @skull
          Yes, there have been many independent studies that support the higher intelligence theory.
          But , when bought up in debate it doesn’t go down very well.
          People don’t like being made to feel inferior, spesh when you’re talking intelligance.
          But reading from many books broadens your horizons and lets you develop deeper understanding and to question accepted ‘rules’ .

          1. …… Many books rather than their 1 religious book, whatever that maybe.
            Religion is holding us back , from progressing and sorting out a better way of life. We are all too greedy and don’t respect the mother earth, who breathes life into all of us. We should praise the nature of our rock and do only good by her.
            Phew…. My hippy moment is over!

          1. I’m not really mad Obli lol. I don’t get mad about this shit honestly. I dont care what you guys think of my IQ or whatever because i believe in God. It was kind of a joke which I knew you atheist wouldn’t get. Fact 1: Religious people are stupid. Fact 2: Atheist have no sense of humor.

            What I do get a little roll’y eyes about is the fact that you Atheist preach and preach as if what you’re saying is the absolute truth, and you all put down those that believe. And I’m sorry but most of you who speak about this topic DO talk shit about those that believe and I don’t like that. I think if you can’t be respectful towards all beliefs(that don’t harm anybody) than you should shut up. You have no clue if what you believe is the “truth” or not. You won’t know until you’re dead and gone. So don’t come at me trying to put down my beliefs because I’m a Christian. I’m so over the religious talk. I feel like I’ve stumbled onto a fucked up version of Christian Mingle.

          2. I respect your beliefs, and I respect you as a person. I’m sure you’re a lovely woman. But I still think you have been conned.

            I’m not asking you to stop believing in God, but expand your horizons. Read, look for alternate answers. Read th book “A Universe from Nothing” by Lawrence Krauss. Its very interesting.

            I have read the bible too. I am an Atheist for a reason. I believe we can all co-exist in peace (my mom is a Catholic and dad an Atheist and still married and are very happy).

          3. i think you mean Atheist mingle lol.

            i know what you’re saying, @Nextie. i’ve, uh, got the same habit of talking about what I believe as if it were indisputable fact. so i see how it would piss you off.

            i know you have your reasons for believeing, i do. so be Christian and be proud. i don’t think being religious means you’re stupid.

            but i think you will agree that muslims follow way too blindly. and that is what makes them very fucking dangerous.

          4. @nextie
            Sorry but you just proved my point about it not going down well in debate.
            Each to their own, but its about time freethinkers and humanists started speaking up……. We’ve had centuries of guff from believers.
            I’m not attacking just saying.
            My ears heart and mind are open to any worthwhile debate.

          5. If I was alive 250 years ago, right here in Portugal, I would be in a dungeon being tortured for heresy or being burned alive in a stake.

            We Atheists/Agnostics have suffered enough from thousands of years of prossecution, torture and death because we pondered other possibilitis.

            I think its time for people to speak out, stop being afraid to question things, and embrace more rational explanations for life itself, rather than fantasy.

            With this, I say I respect all religious people that show respect back and want to engage in a civil and proper debate. I don’t mind.

          6. @ Nextie hun…
            Screw all this religious talk, let’s bring some humor into this convo….

            While in bed the other night my boyfriend asked me ~ How come you never tell me when you’re having an orgasm?
            My response ~ Well honey, you’re never around!

            Aaaah, that’s better πŸ™‚

          7. @whurly Would you or would you not speak up if I came on here saying the things said about believers about you Atheists? I don’t give a shit if any of you believe or not, but don’t put down my beliefs. I don’t put down yours. Show me the same respect. I’m not a little quiet girl who’s gonna sit in the corner and listen to some of you guys talk shit about Christians because they don’t agree with you. Put your big kid underwear on and realize we can all believe what we want, we’re not stupid for it and the adult thing to do is to respect others. “Free think” all you want respectfully. Can this PLEASE go back to being a GORE/dating site now?! Yes, atheists.. The dating part was a ..joke.

          8. Debating the religion issue is pointless. No one will convince any one else of the “truth” because they can’t prove anything. If one side or the other had absolute proof, everyone would believe the same thing. We have free will, belief in God is a matter of faith.

          9. @PD Oh no. You didn’t offend me at all. Some people on here piss me off, but you’re not included. And I feel bad now. Because I sounded like a bitch to @whurly. So seriously I’m sorry for that, girl. I’m super sick and cranky, and that comment mostly wasn’t even really directed at you.

          10. Yup I’m in the retard club right with ya girl. You all miss the fucking point! Mans intelligence will never save him or solve world problems. More people these days are athiest and liberal but look at how much more mental illness and disorders they diagnose now, depression is the highest it has ever been. Intelligence can’t solve our dilemma because human being are fallen, and corrupt by nature. Even religious people get corrupted. Now that society is leaning towards rationalizing everything and trying to deny God, all people are desperately trying to do is pretend there’s no right and wrong, no God and I’m number one will only lead to more of these things on this site happening. I’m happy you smart folks got it all figured out hyuk hyuk..

        3. I think inferring ones intelligence is lower isn’t quite the way we should look at this. I can see how the claim of a higher intelligence could be perceived, because most atheists ask questions…they search to find answers therefore I think it would be better to say they are more read than those that strictly believe in a God.

          I don’t necessarily believe that religious people have lower intelligence…there have been many that are extremely brilliant, but I think because they are not searching answers to the afterlife, per say, they have not had their minds open to other possibilities/theories. Their religious teaching brings them much peace therefore they have no need to ‘search for answers’.

          So getting back to what I originally said, I think the more realistic way to phrase that is, atheists tend to be more read as opposed to those with religious beliefs.

          That’s my 2cents on the subject πŸ™‚

          1. i getcha! like how scientists for the most part tend to be atheist because their search for answers as to “why” takes them on a physical path and away from the spiritual.

            whereas a buddhist monk looks for his/her answers as to “why” on a spiritual level.

          2. Im a catholic and was brought up that way,we even use to have moral and religion class in all public schools before.And its a good thing that we did because the word of god is a good one. Wheather humans put it into practice after its a different story. But its good to teach kids from a young age to have some morals so they dont grow up all fucked up and violent like they do nowadays. Also nobody ever held a gun to my head and told me what i have to believe in,you are teached the ideals but as you grown into an adult you can decide if you agree with it or not.

            And last of course..The only certain in life that you have,is death.And i believe i never met anyone that ever came back from that to tell the story,so whatever science says the truth is they have no proof of anything.

          3. There is absolutely nothing that indicates that any sort of existance continues after the brain dies out.

            By your logic, vampires can be real, because we can’t prove they don’t exist, but if i say i have an invisible friend called Tommy, i’m put in an assylum.

            If you were born in India, PT1984, you would be a Hindu, or a Sikh, very likely. If you had been born in Pakistan you would be a Muslim. If you had been born in the Amazon jungle in a native tribe you would believe on several spirits. If you had been born in Japan, you would be an Atheist.

            Just because you were raised in a certain religion, doesn’t indicate that its the correct one, or that your god is any more real than Khirsna, or Zuis, or Thor, or Venus.

            Gods are human creations, invented by ancient people who knew nothing of how the universe works, so they looked for simplistic answers to apease people who were desperate for answers.

          4. Besides,sayin someone religious is not intelligent just shows the level of intelligence of the person that said this.

            I can think of so many..sucessfull people.

          5. There are a lot of intelligent religious people, but the majority simply isn’t as intelligent as Atheists. Why are most scientists, scholars and beyond, Atheist? There’s a reason for that.

          6. I always seem to miss these convos damnit…I’m an atheist…actually Im not sure what I am…I’ve seen and been through way too much to say I don’t believe in shit..but the shit I believe in I’ll keep to myself because it’s only my business and I don’t feel like starting a debate…also this iq thing…haha…my whole family was raised very strict Roman Catholics and all our iq scores in my family have always been above average….I think there’s flaws in that study ex…so don’t worry’re not retarded…some here are just closed minded and headstrong..that’s all this discussion really proved…..I personally believe we’re entitled to our beliefs and that should be that….what is up with all the conversion attempts..sigh…seems as if some of us non believers are turning into witnesses………..well do me a favor and don’t ring my doorbell…..I hate solicitors!!…lmao….why so serious??….note to self…less drinking in the morning more smoking….yeesh

          7. I see nothing wrong with these debates. It’s acceptable for moat westerners to criticize Islam, but why not Christianity or Judaism? In no way do I think all religious people are stupid, if so, I would be calling my own mother stupid, but I do believe they lack the courage to ponder alternate explanations.

            By the way guys, its almost 2014 here in Portugal, a few more hours at least. I wanna wish you all a happy new year!

          8. exactly @obli

            its funny you mention Buddhist monks …I was going to refer to them when as an example of intelligence…I don’t consider these folks lacking in intelligence

            …get out of my brain obli πŸ™‚

          9. I got to this conversation late so I just skimmed it really quick. That said, I 100% percent agree with @Nextie that Downton Abbey is fucking awesome!! I looove Lady Mar…ohshit, I think I have the wrong forum again πŸ™

          10. @nextie
            Your cool. Its all just water of a ducks back.
            I’ve always been shouted down by my religious family. I did grow up in church…..even though I seriously questioned it from a very young age.
            I don’t believe.
            You believe.

          11. as an atheist who was brought up by an atheist father and buddhist/highly superstitious mother and who married a husband with a jehovah witness mother and sister, i’ve been told my whole life what to believe, so religion has become a rather sensitive subject for me.

            while i always tried to respect the beliefs of others, it felt like many people, not even my own family, were willing to extend that same sentiment to me. i don’t mind debating at all, learning about why others believe in a god or other form of higher being (i don’t think i will ever fully understand why, truthfully), or answering questions as to why i became an atheist, but it aggravates me to no end when people force their beliefs on me. i may disagree with religion, but i would attempt to convince a religious person that there is no god repeatedly. it is their decision and not mine.

            also, i disagree with the “atheists are more intelligent than religious people” thing. even if there is a little correlation between an individual’s intelligence and religious beliefs, i don’t think that’s enough to prove anything. there are many intelligent religious believers out there, just as there are many stupid atheists.

          1. well well if it isnt the ‘religious’ person standing high and mighty .. you people think you have the right to shout down people who DONT belive in what you do ,you can be aggressive and say my god is real i believe and you are veri veri baaaad for even contemplating that fuck all might b there. do we get fucking aggresive on you and say hey thers nothing and you cant prove this or that .. religiuos people always get angry and flustered and take it as a personal attack on them because some of us dont believe it. get over yourselves and yeah bitch im talking to you who replied i dont care if your a girl dont shout down my opinion cos your a christian i dont give a fuck what cloud you belive in dont get all in my face over your shit

          2. @anomalyze
            If it involves , weekends free from work , peace to all , and that sex is celebrated and not cosifered dirty.
            I’m in!!!

          3. errmm…you best not be talking to me @skully….or its a thousand lashes for you!!

            geez everyone is touchy anymore! I’m taking my ball and going home..

            ta-ta people

          4. @skull_and_douchebaggery Obviously you’re talking to me. Are you drunk or high? Because i think you imagined a whole lot of shit. When did I say any of the shit you accused me of? How exactly is me asking people to be respectful towards my beliefs as i am towards theirs doing any of the bullshit you accused me of? i have NEVER put down anyone on here for anything at all. Not religion or lack of. Nothing. I defend everybody on here no matter what they believe. And I talk to most of them OFF the site and most of them are atheist. Ask any of them if I’ve ever put them down for what they believe. You’re a douchebag on most of your once a month comments. You can kiss my Christian ass. i never liked you anyway. And if there was a middle finger emoticon this would be where I’d use it.

          5. Come one @Ex, don’t bother, 2013 is ending, lets end it in a good mood. There will always be people who disagree with us, who object and offend us, it’s just one of those things that are intrinsic to human nature, unfortunately. We have to learn how to deal with people like this.

            By the way, my mom is a catholic and dad an atheist, and they still live very happily with each other. :))

            Oh, and my offer to you is still open. I am waiting for you at the airport in my black free candy gan πŸ™‚

          6. yes little cuntface next ex paper bag brain or whatever you call yourself dont be thinking your special cos your a bitch this site is about opinions and you got all stereotypical religious person and you try to force down our throats that because you believe it its right and we are wrong yet you have no proof . youre the douche and i dont give a shit what some bitch doesnt like about my comments and when i post who are you ? are you going to remove me because you dont like what i say ? nah you aint because everyone would delete each other over disagreements and then theres no topics to discuss so pipe down and dont get personal because i might also dislike you does that mean im above or below you on this site ? nah . peace and goodwill to all sane people who respect opinions

          7. Hell yeah @Nextie was totally right to defend herself! If [email protected], you should have directed your comment toward skull. You can’t have someone be a total dick for no reason, say nothing, and then have the other person respond,aand say “Hey now…”. Anyway, 7:00, gotta go shower and head out to the bar for the same thing I’d be doin’ anyways. Be safe tonight my friends!

          8. @skull, that’s enough. i don’t believe @Nextie or any religious person on this site has ever forced religion on people here. i am seeing an awful lot of the latter, though. i’m an atheist but i’m more than a little disturbed by the fact that this thread has been turned into a “lets convince Nextie that there is no god” thread.
            all she said was that she is a believer and that she is afraid to mention it because non-believers seem to take offense to her beliefs. and after what i’ve read today, i have to say that she is absolutely right to feel persecuted.

            i believed in god a long time ago but my life experiences have led me to conclude that there is no god. her life led her in a different direction. stop pushing the fucking issue. if someone mentions being christian, don’t just jump on them with all the reasons why it’s bullshit. wait for an intelligent debate to be started. hell, maybe we can even have another open post on this topic.

            but you, @skull. are just taking it to a personal attack level. and i’m saying that’s enough.
            i made my own mistake today of attacking someone and now i feel really stupid for it. ..this shit solves nothing. lets move on.

          9. Ohh so you’re on acid? Because I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. You completely made up a shitload of things. Did mommy and daddy lock you up in the closet and make you pray like on Carrie? πŸ™ is that why you’re a complete psycho on people that believe now?

          10. No @Portugese Dude. You’re a good dude. It’s sad you can’t debate and find out what people believe in without someone going nutjob and calling names(cuntface, bitch, etc.) Plus I don’t even know what he’s talking about. If you guys took me asking to be respected as I respect you as me pushing my beliefs down your throat and act better than you than I don’t even know. That’s crazy. It’s cool, PD. <3

  3. Even in this situation I could hear a fucking snackbarist burbling away at the beginning of the clip…

    And why was there a spare pair of shoes lying beside the victim…as said victim clearly was still in possession of some form of footwear?

  4. The first and only time i saw a dead body was actually 2 years ago. I was on a bus, coming from Northern Portugal, when the bus suddendly stopped. Then started to move at a slow pace. I saw a car ripped in two, literally cut in half, and a body completely disfigured on the ground. It was also dismembered. Incredibly enough, there wasn’t as much blood as I expected. Everybody was glued to the side of the bus where they could see the body. Everyone, including old ladies, were watching.

    I then saw the human fascination for death. Something everybody fears yet can’t help but glaze at it when the opportunity appears.

    The concept of our own, inevitable mortality should be perceived in a light of comprehension, not denial. Forcing the belief that there is any sort of continuation after it is nothing more than a delusion humans engage on in an attempt to appease the fear of ceasing to exist.

    I don’t see the comfort people get by submiting themselves to religion, obtaining ‘answers’ that have no solid foundation, abstaining themselves from truly trying to understand and enjoy the beauty that is life in it’s natural form, to live every second as if it was their last, and most importantly, living without have backward rules imposed upon them. Morality, kindness, empathy, altruism, love, are all virtues that we can have without following any religious doctrine.

    Life is beautiful, it truly is, even at the presence of death. If the dinosaurs hadn’t gone extinct, we mammals wouldn’t have had the chance to evolve and prosper. Even the chaos that is the universe is beautiful in it’s complexity.
    We humans are here because other species died, because other hominids died, because many of our own kind died. After our extinction, other species will arise and take our place. But from death emerges life, and it will be a continuous process, until all the hydrogen of every single star runs out, and in the universe stops shinning.

    I don’t see this prospect as something sad, for the fact i was gifted with the chance to live and understand and enjoy all of this, is more than enough to make me happy, and appreciate my own existance.

    1. You sound so sure my friend. I have been noticing a lot of athiests speaking as you have as though what you believe (or don’t) is an absolute truth and the way it is presented resembles the way a preacher would preach. What I am seeing is athiest is becoming its own religion in the way it seeks to convince people of its legitimacy, shame those who do believe in a higher power. This is nothing new however, its merely humanism and the focus of ones self being their own individual God. To me athiest is fast becoming that which it so depseratly seeks to be free from. We all serve and worship something , whether it be God, gods, money and power or the self. Its just the way we were built.

      1. I respectfully disagree. I have my own ideals, aspirations and thoughts and never have I tried to impose them upon others, rather, I simply share my views on life, the world and everything else. I don’t ask for understanding, I don’t ask for attention, anyone can dismiss what I say and turn the other way.

        Atheism is the simple non belief in gods. Nothing more, nothing less.
        The only thing I can claim to be sure of is death and it’s inevitability. To me, gods are just as real as vampires, leprechauns, warewolves and Anjelina Jolie’s lips.

        I again disagree when you say “we all serve and worship something”, my friend. I don’t serve nor worship anything. What I do have is an unmatched admiration for nature and the universe in all of their chaotic majesty.

      2. Oh, by the way, I don’t speak for all Atheists. I can only share my own thoughts. I identify myself as an Atheist because I don’t believe in gods.

        And, from what i’ve seen, Atheists don’t try to persuade others to believe as they do, in fact, most Atheists I know only talk about the issue when someone else talks about it.

        For example, with this video, i thought it would be beneficial to highlight the boundaries religion creates that prevent human progress, and I especially highlighted Islam as being the religion that mostly indoctrinates it’s followers and clouds their judgments and critical thinking.

        If we were to talk about, let’s say, vampires, just for the sake of argument, the vast majority of people around the world
        would consider ludicrous the simple notion that vampires exist, even though many villagers in Romania actually do believe in them and put a wooden spike in the hearts of everyone who dies in that particular village, in order to prevent them from turning into a living dead creature.

        However, if we consider the notion of an invisible entity in an invisible place just as ludicrous as the belief in vampires, almost everyone (i’m not talking about you, you’re a decent guy and presented a polite argument) gets offended. As if it is, somehow, forbiden to question religion or the existance of a god without hurting susceptibilities and face being labeled as ‘intolerant’, ‘misled’ or ‘possessed’.

        “I long for the day when men turn away from invisible monsters and once more embrace a more rational view of the world. But these new religions are so convenient – and promise such terrible punishment should one reject them – I worry that fear shall keep us stuck to what is surely the greatest lie ever told.”

        -Alta?r Ibn-La’Ahad

          1. Hey @YourNextEx. Ask whatever you want.

            We got here because roughly 13.5 billion years ago, matter collided with anti-matter, resulting in the biggest explosion ever, known as the Big Bang. We are part of the debry of that explosion, like everything else that exists.

            Our earth formed around 5 billion years ago, and we evolved from microscopic bacteria that developed through a series of chemical reactions in the primitive ocean’s water, around 3.5 billion years ago.

            Yes, I believe in evolution because it is real, there is an endless array od evidence to support that πŸ™‚

          2. Do you like to read?

            I suggest a book called “A universe from nothing” by probably the biggest theoretical physicist and cosmologist of our time, Lawrence Krauss.

            It is possible for life to arise from nothing, without any paranormal entity to make it happen. Scientists managed to create bacteria on a lab in the 1950’s. Are those scientists gods? No :p they just combined the exact atmospherical and chemical conditions for life to come into existance in a laboratory.

            We are made of iron, carbon, a bunch of elements and amino-acids that came to earth because a supernova exploded a long time ago. We are the left-overs of a super-massive star that died and exploded, and put all the elements suitable for life in our planet. πŸ™‚

          3. @nextie
            earth was made approx 4.5 billion years ago. Life began approx 3.5 billion years ago.
            If the earths lifetime was thought to be the same as our calender , humans didn’t arrive until 23.45 on new years eve. All written history was made in the last 2 mins of the ‘year’.
            If we were gods master plan , why is it that we can only trace any religion back only as far 5000 years ago?
            Or (respectfully) do you believe the earth is 10/20 thousand years old?
            45 mins to new year. Love and peace to all!

      3. mankind is both blessed and cursed with the ability to ask questions. and when questions are asked that have no obvious or provable, concrete answer, we try desperately to fill in that gap. and so enters religion to answer the question “why are we here?”, “why do we suffer?”, “what happens when we die?”.

        1. Very true Obli. Religion “answers” those questions without solid evidence. They misled people, threatened them, and in return got obedience and wealth.

          “Religion appeared when the first con man met the first fool.” – Mark Twain

    2. @PD your comment here reminded me of one of my favorite videos,

      It’s not long at all and I highly recommend that everyone takes a few moment from their day or night to watch it. This video really brought to fruition all I had already thought but had trouble articukating before I had stumble upon it. I especially believe those who are not strictly religious will particularly enjoy this video but even with that being said, it’s a rather mind opening video with good benefits for all who watch it in my opinion. I hope all who take the time to watch this video with gt as much out of it as I had the first time I watched it. I’m looking for ward to reading everyone’s opinion and take on this video as well as it’s subject matter. Enjoy.

      1. Great insigthful video. Thanks for sharing,

        What we see and perceive can be nothing more than an illusion, a dream. The fact that we can experience complex feelings, doesn’t mean at all that we are not simply an illusion in someone else’s brain. We’ve all had dreams that seem so real and we only come to realize they’re not once we wake up. So why can’t this existance be exactly that? An extended dream, and the wake up is just ceasing to exist?

        What if we are already dead, and all our family has mourned and overcome our loss, and we’re just ghosts, who think everyone thinks we’re alive, when that itself is nothing more than an illusion?

        Life is wonderful because it forces us to ask these questions. But surely, there is only one way to find out the truth, and we’ll all find it, one day.

        1. Of course, no problem πŸ™‚
          I was very excited and happy she I read through all your comments last night, they were very insight and respectful to everyone’s beliefs which made the that much more enjoyable to read and interprit. Lie I said, it made me think about that video I posted up there and I was happy that there was a conversation going on thatmade it appropriate to share that video.
          I believe as human beings it is not only our duty but our responsibility to question everything, including

      1. hmm…well, they’re in no danger of contracting hiv unless they have an actively bleeding laceration on their hands. hiv dies very very fast when exposed to air. but there is still many health hazards to be concerned about by doing that. they’re just undereducated with little to no resources and i’m quite sure more than half of them already have hiv and they’re just stupid sub human apes anyway so…

          1. ?! Juice ?!

            no offense, but i never thought you were on the same level as me when it came to being mean-spirited. very, very few women on this site actively agree with my hate-filled sentiments towards most life…i mean, a lot will laugh at jokes but when it comes right down to my hatefull diatribes most girls never even respond to me because it seems that i have a nack for pissing people off that, as you can see, i do not let go to waste… i didn’t think you saw things the way that i did.

            or are you just being a smart-ass? πŸ˜‰

      1. I dont know. Me and this girl were hella digging eachother and then she mentioned she had a kid. That ruined it for me because my heart wasnt made for that I guess. Im not going to pay the consequences for another guys fuckup. I just cant care for a child that isnt related to me at all unless were close friends but thats as far as itll go thanks for the advice though.

    1. if you are wondering if you should date someone with kids…well it is hard – I wont deny that…because there is more than just 2 people in the relationship…but if you go into it realizing this, and you are ok with it….and plus if you are really truly smitten then I say go for it…you may never meet another person like that again…they may be your ‘soulmate’ (for lack of a better word)

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