Cyclist Plowed by Car Ends Up Dead, Naked and Mutilated

Cyclist Plowed by Car Ends Up Dead, Naked and Mutilated

In the early evening of Saturday May 25, 2013 at about 7 pm a cyclist was struck and killed by a fast driving car. The impact was so severe, the cyclist had both his lower leg amputated as his body flew through the windscreen to land next to the driver inside the car. The driver was only lightly injured.

The accident happened on the BR-277 highway in the city of Santa Terezinha de Itaipu, state of Paraná, Brazil. Cyclist’s severed lower legs were found 300 meters from the vehicle. He did not have any IDs on him so his body was taken to a forensic institute for necropsy where they hope to learn his identity.

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  1. Ouchies! : /

    That was pretty brutal. Imagine what the driver must have experienced, with this hurtling through his windshield and landing on his lap!!

    On another note, what the heck was he wearing? Looks like some sort of shirt dress?

  2. Nothing a bit of no more nails wont fix ,

    Your leg bone connected to your knee bone,
    Your knee bone connected to your thigh bone,
    Your thigh bone connected to your hip bone,

    Job done i should have been a dr you know

  3. That was horrific! For sure he didn’t know what hit him! Poor guy. At least he is out of the country now.

    ~~~~ > BTW, juicy … Your avatar is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. I thought we were supposed to keep the bullshit banter and flirting to a minimum? i’m still seeing an awful lot of it.
    anyway, this guy is probably getting way more attention dead than he ever got while he was alive.

  5. Wnen i visited Cuba a couple years ago, driving a rented scooter was somewhat challenging at times. The roads are pot-hole-filled, narrow & these truck and car drivers drive fast & reckless. I really had to pay attention and slow down a few times as trucks would wiz by me raising a fuckload of dry dust in my face. And i had head&tail lights this poor older guy did not have that luxury, just an old bike. Sad, somebody lost a dad, brother or a husband that night R.I.P :(

  6. The fact that the bike rider was nearly all the way in the vehicle would make me think the car was driving extremely fast. Seems there was no bike lane either. At least it was a fast ending.

  7. Well shit… that really really sucks. I am too chicken to ride a bike here because everyone where I live is a horrible driver and it’s a task escaping near accidents when it rains. People just freak out.

    • I can safely say that having a huge, stumpy, half naked guy falling into my lap would put a downer on my day. Joking aside, I would be mortified to say the least.

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