Dead Motorcyclist Doing the Splits Is Covered with Banana Leaves

Dead Motorcyclist Doing the Splits Is Covered with Banana Leaves

Indonesia – one of the most overpopulated countries in the world. It’s also a predominantly Muslim country, it’s in South East Asia and is incredibly corrupt with hardly any rule of law. Needless to say, traffic situation is a mess.

I couldn’t tell you if the dead motorcyclist in the video below is a woman or a man, but I’m going with a man because of the shorts. In an Islamic country like Indonesia – but then again that’s the case with any Islamic country – women are big time discriminated against and do not enjoy the same privileges as men. A Islamic woman wearing clothes that reveal skin on her legs – that’s blasphemous. No problem for a man, though. Islam is about as synonymous with equality as Justin Bieber is with music.

It’s kind of funny how they covered the victim with banana leaves at first and then uncovered him when everybody gathered round to take a peak. Shouldn’t it be like the other way around? There must be some significance with Islam in these actions – backwards in every damn way. Either way – impressive splits, though not as impressive as that plank over the genitalia. Indonesia, fuck yeah!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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82 thoughts on “Dead Motorcyclist Doing the Splits Is Covered with Banana Leaves”

    1. what is it with arab’s and listening to loud arabic male singer, singing depressingly with lot’s of reverb, and percussion’s before a suicide mission? is that like rocky listening to survivor before a fight? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaahahahahaaaaa

      1. It’s what drives them to suicide and murder. BELIEVE me, because I live surrounded by fucking mudslimes, somalian, iraqi, afhgan & my next door neighbors play a combination of THAT, plus hideous wailing african ‘pop’ music that intones often a single to 3 note bass along with a repetative beat that I’m quite certain qualifies for GITMO ‘not really torture, but it is because we use it’ music. I often think about hatchets in heads and kicking people out windows with a rope around their neck after listening to that shit through my walls daily for several months.

        1. @Highriser3, yes, he is okay. I finally ended up just parking in the middle lane of the highway and running up to the scene. They stopped me twice more before I could get to him. Once I finally got to him and saw he was okay, I calmed down quite a bit, but those minutes it took me to get there were pure hell!

    1. @highriser, Yeah in order to see anything at all with accidents you have to get there before the cops do and half the time those who got there first tell you to get lost. Bastards. lol

  1. Fuck Indonesia! so many muslim gooks talking giberish. i wonder at what point their will be too many fucking humans on the planet. the fleshy virus really is so out of control. why do we spay/neuter dogs and cats who don’t cause any where near the enviromental damage we do. 7 billion + motherfuckers and everyday there’s more. bitches be dropping babies like it’s going out of style. smh. where will it end?

    1. when someone wakes up and realizes the the human race will become extinct ,unless all the parasites,war mongers,drug addicts etc,etc,are wiped off the face of the earth,starting with the drug dealers and junkies…

      1. It sickens me how the human race is so blinded, selfish, controlling..we are so quick to use every resource to feel we are surviving, our resources diminish, and we kill to get anything thats left. We are so quick to blame others, and when we hit rock bottom the only ones we can blame is ourselves. I cannot pretend i am not a parasite, i know this world would be better without me. Why would anyone want to bring any more life to this dying planet?
        (By the way, i apologize for my poor attempt at stating my thoughts. My creativity is through art, not words.)

        1. the survival instinct exists whithin every lifeform on earth. don’t feel bad for wanting to live. you can’t help it and neither can i or anybody else. we are here until we go and that’s just the way it is. have some sex. that always brightens my mood.

        2. (4claire2bear0)
          You’re fine dude. that’s one of the up-side points of being here (Best Gore) is to see, and truely KNOW that this place is exactly waht it is….this place meaning, not the earth itself, but this man-made circus that is so far overdue for it’s erasing.

          Even if ALL “bad people” were completly killed off, it’s not good enough.

          You mentioned “drug dealers” and “junkies” and what not…..yha, they suck and don’t contribute, but at least that’s garbage that’s easer to spot as garbage….

          Religious legions that drain the good, and the money out of those who try to simply exist…..

          These brown monsterous hoards that change locations, just to land some where to turn where they have gone, into where they had been…..

          No matter what, the human race is completly flawed, with our GOD-LIKE EGO’S….I hav e mine, as most everybody else has theirs.

          This Fleshy Virus has only 1 single hope, which is to NOT SURVIVE.

          It needs to die off, or it will continue to experiacne the drawbacks of being complete shit, and having the expectations that we are anything but what we are….


          1. exactly. I very much agree with [email protected] you spill my brainthoughts like paint on a canvas. And yes im a chick, no offense takin. And @mouse thats quite lovely but sadly my heart belongs to my pet rat, BubbaKush..haha

      2. Gorelings are OK, we don’t cause the shit, we only have the courage to see the reality of the situation as it arises. In my opinion there needs to be more of us, not less. We are the ones who do not hide our eyes from the truth that surrounds us. The only ones with a real chance to alter the course of human events for the better are the people who can look upon the beast and recognize it for what it is. all others are just ostriches with they’re heads in the sand.

    2. #1 there is already WAY to many, #2, I just read some bigwig where he said 90% of the population should be killed off with some kind of airborne ebola virus, and he got a standing ovation for saying that.

      That being SAID, Indonesia isn’t a bad place to start, but I’d go with Pakistan & Afghanistan first, fuck those worthless cunts.

      As a matter of fact, I suggest they try a virus that attaches itself to specific genetic markers within the DNA, since all our cells each carries a copy, and then choose something like Sickle Cell Anemia, and then other markers that ONLY show up in certain population groups.

      I read that there was a gene for VIOLENCE that was discovered, but, its not in all people JUST people descended from AZTECS ! I guess that explains all the human sacrifice and playing basketball with human heads.

      1. there are plans in place to reduce our numbers. check you tube for the georgia guidestones if you wanna freak out. them guidestones are instructions for a new world order. the ruling elite plan to eliminate 90% of the population. everyone has to go. everyone except them of course. with technology killing 90% of people will be easy. the will keep 10% alive to be slaves. i’m not lying. check it out for yourselves.

  2. I don’t believe in racial segregation, and I really don’t understand all the racism from users on this site. That being said, the world population is way too high.

    But I say if we’re gonna start working on population control, start where it counts: The US.

    1. Well considering the U.S. is one of the smallest population density countries, versus size, etc., that doesn’t make any sense. Of course there are 50million blacks & 50million hispanics, but that wouldn’t make a dent.
      You need see how high the population is in places like Nigeria and know that with their birth rate, it will be the most populous country on earth in 20 years or something.

      They need to start with high birth rate countries AND places that have so many first cousin marriages that the entire country is basically one giant retarded clone and FULL of birth defects that we don’t need more insane retarded dickless wonders.

      1. Actually, I think the US should be wiped out (mostly) due not to the size of it’s population, but to the damage it causes the world; an amount nearly untouched by developing countries. I do believe in perpetuating an elitist society, but basing it on racial segregation is pointless. That would make the new world no better than the one it decimated. Obviously population control is needed desperately in placed like China and India, but their damage to the Earth, global psychological evolution, and natural resources amounts to nothing next to the US. Numbers are easy to deal with, ethnocentrism is not.

    2. you don’t think the gooks are racist against everybody else? racism is a mental disorder of the human mind. do you love everybody? no? i didn’t think so. man is a tribal animal who forms societies to guard/fight against other societies. why? because he knows the other guy is coming to take his shit. i.e. women, food, resources, etc., etc.

          1. Plus, you talk like the world is somehow fair, the Fleshy Virus somehow makes ANY SENSE whatsoever, and these words that You talk also make it sound like the F.V. is worth changing for the better, or is even capible of it in the first place…..

            In my opinion, NO on all accounts

      1. @tiger,
        It is only illegal if the white people do it. The black people can do it as much as they want. Much the same as using the word “nigger”. They can call each other “nigger” all day long, but God help a white person who calls a “black” person “nigger”.

  3. I wonder if human beings will ever evolve or devolve to a point where it isn’t necessary for the first thought to be “hurry up an cover up than dick or pussy” when someone has just been snuffed out.

  4. i’m indonesian, i agree that some of our people mess up with their bikes, but they don’t deserve to die like this,
    it’s funny how you all describe my country, it doesn’t look bad as it looks, some people here like to drink alcohol, eat bacon, and for the muslims, well, some like to play diablos too..

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