Driving a Car Into a Flash Flood

Driving a Car Into a Flash Flood

Driving a Car Into a Flash Flood

Dashcam video from the US of A. During a heavy downpour that left the roads flooded, the driver approached a road entirely covered with water. He decided to U turn and drive back but because the food covered the road so much he couldn’t see its sides, he plunged off a hidden embankment, nose diving into a swollen creek.

Both driver and passenger side windows broke, allowing for the flood water to quickly fill the vehicle up. Driver was flushed from the car and raced down the creek until police rescued him.

You can see the police car parked on the side of the road just before he takes the turn. It would probably have been better if they parked the vehicle in the middle of the road and let their emergency lights flash so approaching drivers know that beyond them was a no go zone.

Happy ending to this one, aside from significant damage to the car, but could have ended much worse. Flash floods are dangerous. BTW, welcome to the 400 😉

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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  1. I woulds like to wish a 400 page congrats too…. i’m a pretty new-ish member buts I gotta say it is my favorite site and learn so much from it. Wishing for another 400 and beyond pages =.)

  2. Next time that PO might want to make it more clear that the road is impassable… no cruiser lights or anything. Guess he didn’t see any traffic and decided to hang low and chow down on his arbys

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