Drunk Ukrainian Driver Runs Red, Causes Fatal Accident

Drunk Ukrainian Driver Runs Red, Causes Fatal Accident

Drunk Ukrainian Driver Runs Red, Causes Fatal Accident

Fatal accident was caught on dashcam on the Marshal Zhukov street in Odessa, Ukraine on June 1, 2013.

Driver of black SUV and all his passengers were reportedly wasted drunk. The driver ran red, collided with a crossing vehicle, his vehicle overturned and crashed into the car with the dashcam which was stopped on the red and in which there was a little child. A person in the overturned SUV died – not sure if it was the driver or a passenger.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

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46 thoughts on “Drunk Ukrainian Driver Runs Red, Causes Fatal Accident”

  1. Cпасибо Pnn69!
    I was 2 times in similar situations, where an arsehole speeded up to move quickly over the crossing although it was red. Both times I was driving my MTB, and really you couldnt put a page between my face and the car. I tell ya, thats a fucking rush!

    1. I can tell you @Deballatio, I do a lot of driving and I avoid many accident’s, and I do mean many accidents simply by watching all that go’s on in all directions, and being able to ‘read’ the other driver’s. Knowing at the end of a light people will run the light would tell you to look well into the crossing traffic for movement. Being able to avoid a drunk only compounds the task of avoiding the idiot’s out on the road, oh well, good luck out there..

      1. @killthefilth. I’m 33 and didn’t start driving until I was 25 . At age of 19 I got into a pals car with 4 others on our way home and the driver (who we had no idea was drunk) ran a red and we were T-Boned. 17yr old girl who took the impact is paralysed for life and the driver was banned from driving for 3yrs !! Not fair is it?

        1. Not fair at all, it would be fair if the drunk guy driving was the one who got paralyzed. Its always the luck of the draw so to speak in any crash such as yours. Stay safe @Deadmanwanking..

          1. @Juicy. Yeah not good is it. Not sure how she is these days as not in touch but he is still around somewhere ! Split second decisions like his ruin lives and probablyhis too I guess. I got lucky with 2 broken ribs and gash on eyebrow.I think of her most days but didn’t know her name! *sigh*.

      2. Right, I checked but it was both times like out of the blue and I could only turn my head and wooosh. Maybe I should try to meditate holisticly the outcome of the situation and try to slow my perception of time through breath control to react faster, lol.
        I´ve read somewhere, that the subconscious mind already has made the decision before we consciously perceive it, in that case I´m really glad about it.

        1. You need to be an eye in the sky to really see this kind of shit and avoid it, not gonna happen. This one is almost unavoidable and like yours too, they come out of nowhere and you have no chance. There’s always used military tanks for sale…

          1. Nah, that´d to lead a expensive military arms race, I´d rather pay them some extra driving lessons or at least in our times almost rare bullets for a execution if they are incorrigible.

          2. ever since i started coming to this website i became a more aware driver,and i dont do stuppid and wreckless things like i used .This will help reduce risks,but you cant never avoid the unnavoidable,but you cant just lock yourself at home so hey good luck out there

    2. You’re welcome, mate.

      I checked the Russian description of the video again, it says that the driver of the car that was hit has died on spot. Those drunk shitheads have survived the crash.

      1. Hey cutie @pnn69!! That’s usually always the case! Guess I’ve heard that the alcohol relaxes you so much that there’s usually little to no damage done. Sucks how that works! 🙁

  2. wow. they were drunk at that hour? they sure drink that early out there.
    good thing that the baby was ok, she must have jolted awake from the impact.

  3. That’s a tough one for me, I take my kids out in the car every day and drive like an 85 year old, I keep my 3rd eye open and just cruise. But nothing can get you out of that situation.
    Maybe I need to buy a hummer.

      1. Shit man if I’m gonna get my noodle kanoodled in a hummer ill just stay in park…. The only crashing will be my cock on the back of her throat…

        1. @hockscroach-What ever you do in that hummer, don’t get a “Cleveland steamer”! You will fuck up your seats and you’ll need more than an air freshener tree to get that smell out! =O

          1. @skin- that Cleveland shit is gross! Lol. I sure do want to vacay in Australia. We should wait to meet until you’re at least 21 though. Lol. I’m old enough to be your Mom! Haha, maybe not quite but with these girls getting pregnant at like 10 years old, I guess it’s possible! Lol

  4. I think the victim may have made an impressing flight because the driver of the dashcam vehicle said. “fuck they killed a guy”. That or he had a pretty good hunch this ended badly.

  5. The baby was funny ! He had a what the fuck i was trying to sleep cry, then escalates to a what ? You Want ME to get out of bed too now FFUUCCKKKKK !

  6. Drunk drivers really hit a nerve with me. They always fuck everyone but themselves up! You could be the best driver with your whole family in tow and one of them comes along and takes everything away from you in a split second! Just horrible.

  7. Damn…that shit is scary. I’d like to think my reflexes would kick in and I would floor it to the right and avoid the car but you never know how you would react in a situation like that.

    1. It’s the law over there I think.
      At the risk of invasion of privacy… I might just be willing to have that same law here (in the USA) – just for the entertainment value.

  8. Crazy just shows how fast your life can be taken away out of nowhere. I think I saw the victim’s body slide out the car across the intersection. Glad the father and baby seem to be okay afterwards. I hate an innocent person died because of those morons.

  9. Did anyone else raise their arm to cover their face as the SUV was about to hit? lol. This is fucked up man. I know the driver was drunk, but I can still somewhat see how this could have happened even if he/she wasn’t. If you look closely it seems like the SUV driver was going through a really late yellow across a big intersection and the guy who had the fresh green light couldn’t see him at all because of the bus on it’s left. I also heard in Russia (im guessing Ukraine too) has made it so you have to keep a dash cam on at all time in every vehicle

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