Faceplanted Motorcycle Accident Victim Leaves Trail of Blood on Road

Faceplanted Motorcycle Accident Victim Leaves Trail of Blood on Road

Faceplanted Motorcycle Accident Victim Leaves Trail of Blood on Road

The video shows the aftermath of a motorcycle accident which left at least one person dead and one severely injured. The accident happened in Leuwigajah, one of the subdistricts of Cimahi Selatan in West Java, Indonesia.

The dead motorcyclist is faceplanted on the road in a pool of his own blood. Later in the video, another victim is shown on the truck bed. He appears to move his hand so he may still be alive. The faceplanted motorcyclist is than loaded up on the same truck bed as blood continues to drip form his cracked skull.

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28 thoughts on “Faceplanted Motorcycle Accident Victim Leaves Trail of Blood on Road”

    1. reminds me of a song “thats life, thats what people say, driving your scooter in April and get your brain knocked out in May” or words to that effect….?….

  1. A lot of videos from Indonesia lately. All shit quality, unfortunately. I mean, even the cheapest of cellphones with cameras these days don’t have a filming quality as bad as this… Perhaps an Indonesian-made cellphone, as backwards as their mentalities.

    1. portugese dude how you find those videos. Or information about peoples.
      Im curious about your work. Its not like typing in google. I assume its more difficult

    2. Same thought here, but it could also be how they share or upload the video to the web. The original vid could be a lot better than this garbage, but compressing the video might of done this to it… Just my idea on the majority of these shity quality vids.

  2. I can’t believe my eye balls have witnessed an act of compassion from one Indo to another…!
    Holly shit…
    Take notice of the police man, ( I’m assuming he is police )
    he is actually showing an act of kindness to the dude lying in the bed of the truck with his hand.
    So they are capable of showing emotion and empathy.
    Go figure…

    1. Lot of people dont have courage to do something. I feel most of peoples are like that shy. Probably because inside they dont have confidence, they havent done anything special in their life. Only normal job and life. You need action in your life to do crazy things, be open minded. Dealing your weak links to become better person. They dont do that and change cannot happen if you dont change your thinking.

  3. I wonder why there are bricks on the ground where the dead guy had been laying?
    This is Indonesia after all… do you suppose he received a stoning for blocking traffic?

  4. Thanks ate but the videos shit…I couldn’t watch it..it made me seasick…sorry..but when I did look it looked pretty bloody….I bet he was a drinker…the more you drink the looser the blood…

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