Fatal Accident on Rama II Road in Bangkok Leaves Man with Crushed Head

Fatal Accident on Rama II Road in Bangkok Leaves Man with Crushed Head

Behavior of emergency services workers in this video may seem all kinds of inappropriate, but I tend to understand why. Thailand has death written all over it and indeed, death is what one finds plenty of there. Thai first responders surely get to deal with some of the most gruesome aftermaths of accidents, but not only accidents as murders and rape are a daily happening, so laughing over mangled corpses with crushed heads maybe a way to deal with it. What else can you do when picking up brain matter and skull fragments from the road is your daily routine?

Fatal accident in this video happened on Rama II Road in Bang Khunthian district, Bangkok. The victim is really badly mangled. His head is crushed and brain squeezed out, but the rest of his body doesn’t look much better either. The accident happened at night so there’s a lot of spotlight and shadow interfering with picture but the extent of damage to that fellow is still very clear. Brutal.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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32 thoughts on “Fatal Accident on Rama II Road in Bangkok Leaves Man with Crushed Head”

  1. Those unwitting bowlegs make him look like a sumo wrestler who got steamrolled by a rabid fat black church lady after the last piece of fried chicken. Move, bitch! Get out the way!

    …I’m feeling a bit multicultural right now.

  2. Finally, a live pointer! Feeling better…

    Were they looking at the guy’s junk to confirm if it was a guy? Was it a woman?

    I remember when I was working at the emergency of a hospital, there was that group of student with a doctor and there was that old man that was dying on the stretcher. They were all making jokes and stuff, even the doctor. At some point the doctor said to the group – okay now, help me try to save that guy’s life… well the guy never came back and died right there.

    1. to his partner had mic. in his hand and the camera man was straight across from him; probably saying your turn to write the story…. flipping the finger to the camera man was probably a inside joke to one another

    1. The joking and laughing is inappropriate, but it’s a great coping mechanism when your dealing with horrific scenes. Removing the thoughts about what your doing helps alot. Whenever I lose one of my tropical fish I get a little sad but I stop thinking about it and joke around and it helps. Yes some say “it’s just a fish”, but when you’ve raised them from fry to adult and have had them for a few years you grow attached.

  3. Rama II road, takes me back to BKK … the warm air pressing down heavy with humidity and thick with the fumes of vehicles.. .unceasing noise of tuktuks and cars…
    chattering Thai and places to eat everywhere… looks like rainy season has begun already, the rain will have taken some of the air pressure away…

    Travelling is great. But i won’t go to Thailand anymore if it can be avoided.

  4. Hi everybody.

    I’m new to BG, and I’d just like to introduce myself. I’m Mark from Liverpool, England. I’ve always had a morbid curiosity and a surprising tolerance for gore, but I’ve only just discovered BG 2 days ago. I always read the comments and I have a few favourite users already. Not mentioning any names!

    I don’t know why I chose to leave my first comment here. Probably because I’m a cyclist, and I used to commute 20 miles daily to the next town for work. I used to feel like I was king of the road, but BG has shown me just how fragile and vulnerable we Humans really are.

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