Gnarly Skull Cracking Car Accident from Mexico

Gnarly Skull Cracking Car Accident from Mexico

Taking into account that most gory pictures from Mexico involve heavy torture and mutilation of victims before they are beheaded and dismembered, this guy can count himself lucky. The outcome is the same – he died, but I’m sure dying quickly after a fatal blow to the head that cracks skulls open is preferred way of passing to being put through agonizing pain and getting beheaded by rival gang.

Gnarly way to go never the less, however if mortician does him up and masks the patch with hair, he can still have an open casket funeral. Or maybe not, since skull crack reaches all the way to the eye socket. Can’t salvage the car, I don’t think anymore. Write off right there. Wife will be angry cause she’d lost the means to go shopping now.

BTW – what’s the deal with that checkered blanket? Has somebody tried to keep the dead man warm while his brain matter was leaking out of cracked skull? I don’t get that part at all.

Gallery of four gnarly car accident pictures from Mexico that left a guy with skull cracked open is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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11 thoughts on “Gnarly Skull Cracking Car Accident from Mexico”

  1. So much dismemberment deaths make you forget the good & old busting your head on the windshield and leaving brains all over the place death. I wonder if transit in Mexico is as chaotic as in all other latin american countries

  2. That’s no checkered blanket… It’s a TABLECLOTH. That’s why the dude crashed. He was munchin on some tacos and forgot to drive.

    hey, ivorED… take my word for it… the driving there is total chaos. Try driving in Juarez sometime… you have to force your way into non-stop traffic and take the chance that someone won’t shoot you. and I thought Dallas was bad in rush-hour…. phooey, Juarez makes Dallas look like an organized, empty parking lot by comparison.

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