Fatal Highway Crash Caught on Dashcam in Russia

Fatal Highway Crash Caught on Dashcam in Russia

I’m being told that 5 people died in this car crash. It’s hard to tell what made the driver coming from the oncoming direction to suddenly swerve into the opposite lane. There were no curves, just a straight stretch of highway with fair amount of traffic – nothing to cause a fatal accident but it still happened. Comes to show how tragedy can strike at any time.

Caught on dashcam in Russia. Driver of the car with the dashcam had this sudden accident happen in front of him, but it didn’t even make him bleep. Must be used to seeing deadly crashes. He just casually dodged the wrecks and pulled over on the shoulder:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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28 thoughts on “Fatal Highway Crash Caught on Dashcam in Russia”

    1. You can buy them on Amazon for a less than $50.

      I was thinking of getting one myself. The way I drive I may someday record my own accidental death or my own homicide: hopefully the video is good enough for this site….

    2. Russian drivers use them, so they have evidence, when the (mostly) corrupt russian police attempts to blackmail / extort them.
      (The dash cam may actualy function as a prevention tool)
      They also have evidence, that they didn’t make a traffic violation in case of a traffic accident (what happens frequently over there) or when they recieve an unlawful “traffic ticket”.

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    or for those that don’t speak Russian:

    Damn, it’s difficult enough texting whilst driving and now I’ve dropped the phone; hang on there’s a chocolate donut down here as well, if I just reach a bit further under the seat I’ll be able to get it.

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