Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Brazil – Rider on Fire, Passenger Broken

Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Brazil - Rider on Fire, Passenger Broken

This fatal motorcycle accident happened in Santo Antônio de Jesus, state of Bahia, Brazil. Couple on a motorcycle crashed, both died. Male rider burned as the steel horse caught fire, female passenger suffered multiple fractures and also died on the spot. The video doesn’t offer a clear view of the rider’s head, but the passenger wore a helmet, which leads to me assume that the rider had one too. Usually if there was only one helmet available, it would be the rider that gets to wear it. Obviously, their crash was violent enough to kill them in spite of their helmets.

Somebody used a fire extinguisher from their car to put out the fire and emptied all of it on the flames, but it was not enough. There also seems to be something that looks like smoking brain matter next to the fiery motorcycle. Ummm, feast!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. @SweetAmericanMustang, I rememer that woman because of her leg bent under her until it looked like the number 4 – ouch! Are you new? If so, welcome!

  1. Why am I still amazed by their stupidity? What makes you think a helmet is gonna work if you don’t wear any other protective clothes? This stuff exists for a reason.
    Kinda wanna see a picture of the guy after the fire.

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