Fatal Overtaking Accident Caught on Dashcam in Russia

Fatal Overtaking Accident Caught on Dashcam in Russia

Fatal Overtaking Accident Caught on Dashcam in Russia

I believe that car is called Lada. Ladas are old and were not built very tough. Getting into an accident in one of those is bound to spell trouble.

The accident was caught on a dashcam in Russia. Lada passed a truck. What happened next is hard to tell because it happened in front of the truck while the car with the dashcam was still behind. But something spinned Lada into the oncoming lane where it violently collided with an oncoming vehicle. It almost looks as if the truck pushed Lada.

The accident was fatal. I thought the driver with the dashcam was gonna be a jerk and go “Chinese” on the scene, but he eventually stopped. Every vehicle stopped – it’s really cool of Russia to actually care.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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31 thoughts on “Fatal Overtaking Accident Caught on Dashcam in Russia”

  1. Most people think truck drivers are complete idiots! When a truck driver see’s your death approaching quickly and hits the brakes before you even move into the passing lane. The idiot is killed and all is well. =)

    1. Mark believes that truck drivers are insecure.

      Our resident BG member ‘The Boatman’ is a truck driver so I look forward to his reply to a previous post.

      Gidday from downunder Boatman, I did read your last post to me and thanks for the welcome back.

      Brutal crash and good resolution, I’v got to get myself a dashcam, they’re everywhere over here and cheap as chips.

      They can also be attached to my pushbike helmet which would make interesting viewing when I’m plastered riding home (and crashing sometimes) :mrgreen:

  2. Oh yea, the truck couldn’t swerve out of the way in time and clipped the back of the car just right to spin it into the oncoming lane. Hard to tell what caused the driver in the white car to slow down though.

  3. The driver of the black vehicle is ultimately responsible. Instead of re-entering the lane and continuing their speed, it looks like the brakes are applied to attempt to cause that clown car ,(lada as you say), to rear-end them. Meanwhile, the big truck, attempts to swerve to the right because there is just not enough braking room even though brakes are also being applied.

    1. Agree, black vehicle appeared to have slowed down in front of the Lada.
      Note that the black car initially passed the truck BEHIND the Lada so he kept going passing Lada after passing the truck. He must have picked up some good speed and probably approached more traffic in their “proper” lanes ahead and hit the brakes.
      Another perfect example of passing a truck safely gone wrong.
      Why on earth do people think they can simply use the oncoming lanes as an extended passing lane, not expecting any oncoming traffic?

  4. no doubt tho mark, I remember one day just outside my house their was a 3 car accident, it was a head on crash that involved another large box truck…..anyways the one vehicle was so f’d up that smoke and flames could be seen out of the hood, so obvisiously i wanted to help buddy. I got to the suv and buddy was pretty messed up so i had to half carry guy out far enough away from his burning wreck. It was pretty intense within 20 mins the truck was fully ingolfed in flames……buddy might not of made it if it wasn’t for me being so close….he was thankfull to say the least

  5. It looks like the car which overtook the truck, brake quickly after having overtaken the truck which would have sealed its fate as truck like that cannot stop immediately which is probably why the truck swerved so as to try and miss the moron.

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