Female Drivers Video Compilation

Female Drivers Video Compilation

What’s there to say – DWF is far more messed up than DWA. I’ll trust an Asian driver before I trust a female one anytime. And this video compilation only proves it for a fact. It takes a female driver to destroy your property and then speed away demolishing whatever she can on her way out. Or to floor it into a wall and keep it revved up long after the wall has been breached.

Men need to stay the fuck away from ballet dancing and women from driving. Some things were just not meant to be for both sexes. That’s our brothers and sisters and kids and parents and friends and what not out there – if you have a snatch, however underdeveloped, have some mercy upon them and don’t put them in harm’s way by sitting behind a wheel of a motor vehicle. Pretty please?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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50 thoughts on “Female Drivers Video Compilation”

  1. That’s what I’m talking about. Women who know how to smash a car, ah it’s sexy! I like the bitch with the crutch best, she was fired up. My sister was one of those girls who knew how to wreck a car, bless her sole. This is entertainment!

  2. I knew this was coming! I have to admit I laughed like crazy especially at the one that drove away with the tow truck in tow πŸ™‚

    Ah woman drivers – if you like to get smashed, give us a call πŸ™‚

  3. reminds me of my cousin. whenever there is a horrible driver he always calls it as being a female motorist and lo and behold as soon as we pull up to the ride its always either some young chick yacking on her phone or an older lady scrunched up on the the steering wheel.

  4. It’s not just cars women should be banned from operating, it’s anything with wheels, like shopping trolleys or pushchairs.
    After suffering many scrapped and bruised ankles I have this request.
    Women, if you need to go shopping please use the wire baskets provided, and if you have to take young children anywhere, strap them to your backs like the Eskimos do.
    Thank you.

    1. Really, I find that the other way round. I always say never give a man a shopping trolley they are useless. They always block aisles and park it sideways. I continually move them then laugh at the confused look on their faces trying to find their trolley. As for pushchairs it’s even worse. My ex used to use the buggy board on the back of our son’s pushchair as a form of self transportation using the handles to steer left and right to one snapped off and he went zooming through a park downhill with me chasing after them. He crashed into a bush and luckily nobody was hurt lol. I bet that would of made a funny video, damn I missed that window of opportunity πŸ˜€

      1. that’s a bullshit – women unable to drive/park properly certainly applies also to shopping carts… everytime there’s a blockade in the somehingmart – there are two chatty hags at the front… or shambling around in circles trying to find a few cents cheaper whatever…

  5. I must admit women drivers are horrible. I have seen many a shit driver in my time, comprising of both genders however women drivers are a law onto their own.

    Woman drivers tend to disregard any road signs or directions and instead drive how they want, they are bloody awful. Not every woman mind you but most, it is a wonder to me how they get cheaper car insurance being the safest drivers out there when my own experience is that they are the least safest drivers.

    I will say in their defence however that they are better drivers than the illegal immigrants that have never past a driving test and seem to occupy our roads, get rid of this trash and I can understand and accept the amount of shitty drivers out there.

    1. I think it was a woman in the convertible. The person in the white Suzuki was an ass, though, parking like that. I would like to think that, if given the chance, I would have done the same thing. I love to piss people off by throwing their own stupidity back in their faces.

  6. Ah what a great compilation. I have to say though I must be an exception, Im an excellent driver and my parking is outstanding. My boyfriend is continually complimenting me on my one attempt then straight in reverse parks. On the other hand being a passenger with him is a case of hanging on for dear life. I call his car the wheelbarrow and have to hang on to the passenger handle. My few crashes have been with men driving or men hitting me. Let’s by fair guys, our insurance in England is cheaper for us ladies as we are apparently less risk. Best not let them see this compilation πŸ˜€

    1. I saw a longer video of that and she got him to release her car. At 1st he was no I’m taking it but after she towed HIS truck and the chase, actually I think she stopped up the road and he still wouldn’t release her car but after another run he gave her the car. To funny, I love that woman.

  7. i just have to say, most of the shitty drivers i have come across have been men…granted men of a different culture or elderly with a hat, but they have been men….i always get really cheezed when i hear about women drivers…cos im a woman and im a damn good driver…BAH! although the vid was funny to watch ..

  8. I did laugh at that but I have the sneaky feeling us women won’t be hearing the end of it for a while now. I also fall into the good driver category. There’s many a time parking a large car in the tightest spot I’ve got out of my car to a round of applause. And no, before any buggers think it, it wasn’t a piss take slow hand clapping either.

    1. I am also an excellent driver wicked mama! Although I am a pretty agressive driver, because I race cars on weekends, but my dad is a logger and he also taught me to drive his eighteen wheeler and his tree cutter and other logging equipment, and I start learning to handle our boat at the age of ten.

    2. It has never failed to amaze me why everyone who rides with me in my 1978 Continental is impressed by the fact that I can drive and parallel park the thing so well. The nice thing is, In in a six thousand pound car if some other woman driver hits me.

  9. Have any other women noticed how men HATE to be overtaken by women? If your in the fast lane overtaking a man as soon as they notice it’s a women they put thier foot down, it’s ridiculous, why do you do that guys?

  10. Although I’m a female. Although I’m asian. And although I, myself, am an excellent driver. Even I can’t deny the shame that should accompany the results of DWA and DWF. The lack of responsibility and seriousness when most women take to the rode is down right disgusting and embarrassing.

  11. What I find amusing is out of the MILLIONS of accidents posted on the www so FEW are actually caused by women, you men with small dicks feel the need to sound sooo much bigger than you really are by having to point out the TINY (like you) amount caused by women. The ONLY reason compilations of MALE Fuck Up’s is not here is because there is not enough time in one lifetime to put one together! So, that being said, take your pencil dicks out and shove them up your WIDE OPEN assholes. That way you can ALL tell the truth to the world….’Sorry female superior drivers, but as you can clearly see, we have BOTH our heads planted firmly up our asses!!’

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