Ford Tangles Up in Wires and Pulls Unexpected Backflip

Ford Tangles Up in Wires and Pulls Unexpected Backflip

Ford Tangles Up in Wires and Pulls Unexpected Backflip

This has got to be one of the most bizarre accidents ever caught on dashcam. We definitely won’t see something like that happening anytime soon again.

The accident happened on September 21, 2012 in the city of Vladimir, Russia – birthplace of Best Gore member pnn69 who’s been a very active contributor of content lately. A Ford passenger vehicle got tangled up in dangling trolleybus wires and pulled an impressive, albeit unexpected backflip and landed on the roof.

Dashcam video shows a semi driving through the intersection moments before the backflip. It was the semi that tore the wires and despite causing damage, fled the scene. Ford then drove over the wire and the rest is history. The semi driver was arrested by traffic cops later. The Ford driver broke his arm and several ribs.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. aaaack!! lol im sorry I said I drove a ford…lolol…well as much as it wasn’t my choice of car..i will say it has been super reliable and hasn’t given me any grief – not like my other cars sooo ford must be doing something right

      1. @alicatt 馃榾 hey I drive a ford too I have a 97 ford f150 @Brokeback o.o and yet my truck still runs like a beast and I have towed many heavy loads With it as well .. And i know v8s are gas guzzlers but i could give two shits!! my job is mainly towing heavy loads to different places around town and it has never failed me. it isn’t always about the car company it’s about how well you take care of the automobile and you give them their needed service. Heck last time I saw one of them new toyotas dead on the road with a blown engine and a very upset white driver 馃榾 there was also a lifted Chevy z71 with its rear axel 5 feet behind the truck 馃槷 that wasn’t a pretty sight ..if your looking for a race Im down but since you live in the great white north two cases of beer will do but don’t be cheap and buy keystone. and yes ill make sure to pick up @1girl and @juicy on the way up there so it can be car pool style. 馃榾

        1. @misfit, I’ve never been much of a Ford fan, Especially during the 80’s and 90’s when their cars kept us mechanics in business but I will say this…Ford builds the most tough and reliable truck out there. When the human population is wiped out after nuclear war…the roaches will be driving Ford F series trucks.

          1. @Bolshevicvictim -.- no but i have given many fat chicks rides before 馃槷 and no i didn’t get lucky it was my step sister and her cousins they was 3 times the size of regular women -.- /: I keep reminding myself to install seats on the bed of the truck that way all the weight will distribute to the back so it can make the truck look like if its lifted on the front 馃榾 when I was driving down the road the truck would move to the right they dunh fucked up my front right tire and alignment Dx but the good part about it is that I would hit them right corners fast and the truck wouldn’t tip over ^__^

  1. Truck driver didnt do a damn thing wrong…and what the fuck is a cable doing tethered to the road anyway ??? And on a happier note….justice has prevailed in spite of obama having opened his treacherous mouth……zimmerman found not guilty……so. Fuck off black panther bitches

  2. Guess the driver learned a valuable lesson. Maybe. The hard lesson. I have no sympathy for retards who don’t pay attention to road debris. Here’s proof. Complete entire dumbass.

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  4. hmn i looks to me that the semi actually made it through fine…if you watch..the ford runs right over the center of a wire anchored into the street, pulls the ‘pin’ from the ground and gets it caught under the front bumper launching it back and up…its a whole networks of wires and i think that was an anchoring point…i could be wrong

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