Four Die in Violent Car Crash Caught on Dashcam

Four Die in Violent Car Crash Caught on Dashcam

Four Die in Violent Car Crash Caught on Dashcam

Caught on dashcam in Russia – a car on a divided highway suddenly swerved to the left, crossed the wide median and got into the way of oncoming traffic. Ensuing collision disintegrated crashed vehicles, sending the flying debris into the way of approaching truck that had no other option but to run over them.

The car with the dashcam had strangely collected driver but wimpy female passengers. At one point, the dashcam appears to zoom in on the imminent crash – not sure what the scoop is with that.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Four Die in Violent Car Crash Caught on Dashcam”

      1. i thought you said ‘drink’ not ‘think’ and i imagined the paramedics drinking them from their car… i must be fucked, why the fuck dont they have a median? its not like they have any shortage of land in fucking russia

  1. Why on Earth were the passengers of the viewing car crying, they were not hurt nor was their car and, given that they were in a wide open space, they were unlikely to get stuck in a traffic jam because of the accident therefore their tears were not necessary.

    1. Its because she saw how she and her party almost lost their lives by a few seconds and she contemplated dying and losing all the people in her vehicle which made her cry.
      i know this as i many moons ago, used to ride a motorbike and one day a motorbike in front of me got wiped out in just a few meters away, i got emotional because you reflect on ‘what if it was you?’ but now thanks to Bestgore i am desensitized, i dont ride a bike, when i see a bike i say ‘fuck you’ and look at the bikers legs and think.. you should enjoy that leg because in an instant it can become apart of the road.

  2. Squaky the Vulture says…..”Always remember the Red Cross Code”…..”S” is for Speed. “P” is for People , “L” is for Learn, “A” is for Always and “T” is for Tragedy.What you got Kids ?SPLAT !

  3. Even if the road and weather conditions are perfect drivers in Russia are still top of the list when it comes to fucking up on the road. When I see videos of them ripping down highways in blizzard weather and passing each other at the dumbest fucking times it’s like they are asking for it

  4. Man, those people got obliterated!
    Wonder what the cause of the crash was.

    Worst case scenario some asshole tapped the car’s bumper sending it and the passengers over the median to their death while he drives away unscaved.
    That’s actually a pretty common scenario.

    I always say when driving “You can still be dead right.”
    (as in driving correctly and some other asshole fucks your day up)

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