Four Protesters Run Over as Semi Rear Ends Tow Truck in São Paulo, Brazil

Four Protesters Run Over as Semi Rear Ends Tow Truck in São Paulo, Brazil

Four people got run over while participating in a July 1, 2013 protest on the Anhanguera highway in the Jundiaí area of São Paulo, Brazil. The accident was caused by a semi truck that was unable to stop in time and rear ended a tow truck.

I have to say that in this case the protesters were truly asking for it. The semi could not stop on a dime and the tow truck was stopped because the protesters were blocking its passage. With a car on its bed, it had a place to go so the driver wouldn’t stop in the middle of the highway if he was able to continue on his way.

This is just a bad way to go about protesting. Truck drivers are working class people trying to earn a buck to feed their families. They are not why corruption or poverty exist. Preventing them from doing their jobs does not aid in achieving positive changes in the society in any way.

Props to Best Gore member Flip Flop da Silva for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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30 thoughts on “Four Protesters Run Over as Semi Rear Ends Tow Truck in São Paulo, Brazil”

      1. just want to go on record saying that I don’t feel this way strictly about the Brazilians, I feel like this about all protesting no matter where it is from. IMHO it is useless and just a fucking nuisance to people just trying to go about their daily lives and pretty-damn-near always results in violence and needless deaths.

  1. Epic. However I bet not a damn one of the “survivors”, if you can even call them that, learned a damn thing. They will be back out the next day with their signs and add on some stupid memorial crosses and plastic flowers and making more of a comraderie. Maybe they’ll protest on the train tracks next. It seems too many people seem to think semis can maneuver like cars. Every time someone gets pissy I wasted 30 seconds of their day by being in front of them while trying to get up to speed, all I want to ask them is, ” How much time do you waste on Facebook a day? Why is that ok but us trying to work completely fucks up your day? Want your nice new roads so you can drive your stupid Prius on it? Haul your own damn dirt and mix your own asphalt. Don’t get your khakis dirty.”

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