While FSA Jihadist Is Giving an Interview, Fellow Jihadists Have an Accident

While FSA Jihadist Is Giving an Interview, Fellow Jihadists Have an Accident

A Fake Syrian Army jihadist was giving an interview on camera, expectedly by whining about how they oh so desire democracy and all that other shit the terrorists are paid to whine about, and while he was at it, his fellow jihadists had an accident in the background of the camera’s field of view. Two mercenaries rode on a motorcycle, carrying weapons or something of sorts and got floored by a pickup truck that cut into them. The interviewed jihadist quickly turned to see what the fuck was going on but the host poked him back to reality.

Kind of priceless how these non Syrians act with zero regard for human life in all situations, not just in missions for which they are as mercenaries paid. The expression on the face of the truck driver after he hit the motorcyclists was particularly precious – he’s like… “WTF, I hit something? I totally didn’t see them.” Incompetent fucking idiot.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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45 thoughts on “While FSA Jihadist Is Giving an Interview, Fellow Jihadists Have an Accident”

      1. I wish they were a factor…in my head right now. I sure could go for a drink and some hard drugs right now. I feel pretty shitty this morning, tired, bored, depressed, anxious, desperate, lonely…hell I’m even hungry but I don’t feel like eating. I think I’m just going thru bike withdrawals. If there is one thing I can’t stand is not being able to ride my bike. I can’t even start the fucking thing to hear the v-twin roar. It’s bad enough I have to wake up every morning and see this scar on my forehead marking me a dumbass for life but seeing my bike busted up in the garage really breaks my heart.

        1. Sorry about your accident and hope u are up road soon. Maybe you can post pictures of your bike and scar and be a BG superstar like Brokeback and Mouse. If I hurt myself bloody I’m going to send in pics. I plan to wear a Mexican wrestler’s mask. (No stretchy pants) So far my injuries have been ho-hum, bruised ribs and twisted knees. Nothing worthy…..yet.

          1. Yeah thanks guys I appreciate yall, its been a hard month having my friend pass away then wrecking my bike and myself all in the same weekend. Either way I know its time to stop moping around and get my shit together…its just one of those days for me. I do have pictures of the nasty wounds that were taken while I was laying in the ER which I’ll probably send in this month and hopefully Mark will get them…hell if he post them it just might make the accident worth it lol.

  1. i am amazed that this race has survived as long as it has. the next phase of human evolution is the advancement of the mind, and these glorified simians have no real mind to speak of. they are little more than ants…actually, that is rather insulting to the ants but you get my point.

  2. That was too fucking funny! Reminded me of a video of a TV reporter talking to the camera while in the background a car swerves and misses her by a hair. She was calm on camera, but I’ll bet she had a laundry problem when the camera shut off.

  3. Haha, all I could think of was ‘oh shit’ – then they continue with the interview like nothing happened lol but I especially love the ending when he is on the celly waving the mic around, and how the folks behind him were conveniently hiding the accident. Made me want to scream ‘get out the way! I want to see the blood n guts!’ lol

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