Girl on a Motorcycle Breaks Her Neck and Smashes Her Head

Girl on a Motorcycle Breaks Her Neck and Smashes Her Head

Thai female organism rode on a motorcycle without a helmet and crashed, breaking her neck and smashing her head open. Brain matter leakage was inevitable. What remains uncertain is whether despite the organism being identified as female, there is a frank and beans between the legs.

No further info about the accident:

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47 thoughts on “Girl on a Motorcycle Breaks Her Neck and Smashes Her Head

    • It’s an Asian in the pics. Mark is just sparing you the disappointment of their practically non-existent junk. Looking for that in a pic would be like walking out into a field to see the same blade of grass from yesterday. It just ain’t happening.

    • there is worst than an asian or russian female driver… there is me ! I feel quite at ease on a straight desert road but as soon as there is a turn or I meet another car I’m in total panick like a crazy pussy

        • euh no… I’m a guy :S
          I have to drive with an automatic car (99% of the cars are manual here, but no way for me), I am still sometimes confused with the speed and slow down pedal, and last week I had to reverse into a parking space, made 2 attempts, with 10 cars waiting and upseting behind, before finaly my driving place to a friend next to me… People expected to see a blond bimbo or a grandma going out of the car, they saw a 30yo guy who get his driving license 10 years ago after 80 hours of driving lessons and 5 attempts ( the maximum of attempts in my country) :S

          • Sorry to hear that. You sound pretty awful Daja.
            Good thing you aren’t close to me…shitty drivers suck! And I don’t mean the good kind.

          • don’t worry I’m in Europe, I may have some kind of driving phobia, while in the same time I drive daily a motorbike ( got 2 accidents, the worst while I was even not driving, just trying to climb a sidewalk and then the motorbike reared up and felt on me), but now I drive quite good and feel at ease on my motorbike ( I just brushed against a lady once but no injury)

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