Glasses Fly as Mother Walks Children Into Traffic

Glasses Fly as Mother Walks Children Into Traffic

=Glasses Fly as Mother Walks Children Into Traffic

Can’t stop the truth!

Mother of the year led her two kids through parked cars and into traffic, placing herself and them right in front of a passing car. Luckily for the oblivious woman, the driver wasn’t driving too fast, but he could have been. She walked onto the road without first checking if it was safe to enter. Because she was an adult, she managed to quickly jump off the car’s path, but her kids took a direct hit. They don’t look too badly hurt thanks to the car’s low speed, but they got their glasses knocked off their mugs in quite an impressive double smack.

Total motherhood fail. She wasn’t even on a crosswalk. What a way to lead by example.


It would appear that the accident was the driver’s fault, not the mother’s as this was a one way street and the driver went illegally the wrong way.

Props to Best Gore member pnn69 for the video:

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    1. Am I the only one who noticed that the mother only went running to the boy and left the girl standing in tears? Being adopted sucks because nobody loves you lol

        1. Obviously the instinct of a mother is to protect your baby. The girl was older, so the mom went straight for her younger one, that one is her baby. Don’t let anyone fool you, being the oldest and not the baby, gets you less attention, and love. Mommies always have a thing for the babies.

      1. She definitely didn’t. Not even the way she was supposed to look. Just walked out on the streets expecting everything to stop for her. Like most pedestrians seem to think.

  1. All cars park facing the camra n also after the accident another car was comming in the same direction. So Iam pretty certain this man was going the wrong way

    1. but the truck in the background drives the same direction as him. I live in the US and i live on a two way street where cars on both sides are facing the same way all the time because most cars come from one side and are to lazy to turn around to park. i see no PROOF that it is a one way, but at the least it is likely it is one way. the big issue is the truck going the wrong way too then.

    1. An oblivious stepmother I’d say, not a good fit for the poor girl who got the potential to become another Russian blond bombshell in the next couple of years.

    2. @ it was me .. I know right. She totally just shines the little girl when she’s the who pretty much took most of the impact poor little girl she’s holding her head maybe her head took the impact poor little girl. That Mom’s a bitch jumping out the way so her kids could be hit. What a worthless whore.

      1. Not like that ! Don`t blame her that much ! It was the surprise element and the conservative instinct , specific to every human being . It was just a defense mechanism reflex . As far as the girl is concerned…Perhaps the boy was shouting louder and mother thought that only him had a worse injury.

  2. He may have been going the wrong way, but it is strange
    that no cars were driving towards him. I mean if it is a two lane one-way, why wasn’t anyone using the other lane?

  3. Fucking stupid cunt driving the wrong way, if those where my kids I would’ve told them to go play hide and seek while daddy caves in the mans head with a tyre iron. Fucking hate cunts that can’t drive.

  4. heh this shit almost happened to me in front of my own house because some stupid cunt was talking on her cellphone while driving the wrong way on a one way street.

  5. Nope. In this case the driver is in the wrong. He was driving the wrong way up what was clearly a one-way street. It is not unreasonable for the mother to not look in that direction before crossing.

  6. Even though the car was going the wrong way, you would think in a fucked up place like Russia it would be expected. Regardless of who is technically at fault, if one of those kids was killed, M.O.T.Y. would blame herself til eternity for not looking both ways.

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  7. Get these kids away from that woman. She’s gonna get them killed one day. I noticed she didn’t get hit at all.
    When will Russians stop driving the wrong way on a one way street? When kids fly. 😀

  8. Poor little girl. They just completely ignored her. I wish I would’ve been that much of a little bad ass and got right up when I got hit. I cried like a baby.

  9. I die every time I see mothers push their babies across the street strollers first. They should drag it behind, so she as their protector is in the lead! DUH! Good thing this wasn’t her fault, or she would have definitely been I the running for retard mother of the year! She was probably hoping she could sue the dude and FINALLY get off welfare! 😀

  10. Most people are so trained to look both ways before crossing a street that they look both ways even when crossing a one way street. Most mothers would also jerk their children out of the way before just thinking of saving themselves. Also as a matter of fact, for every one pedestrian accident occurring off a crosswalk there are 5 pedestrian accidents in a crosswalk. Crosswalks are not safer. Look it up for yourselves.

    1. Right.
      1) Most pedestrians wouldn’t look the wrong way on a one way street. Even drivers don’t do that. Don’t sit on the high horse.

      2) I’d see if you could react any faster, it was less than 1 second, plus there is the shock value that numbs you to do anything. It is REFLEX, involuntary one, that kicks in without you realizing. You look elsewhere and see immediate danger and your brain instructs your body to jerk. To even consciously realize what happened, it takes more than 0.5 seconds.

      3) Where ELSE would most pedestrian accidents occur…? You say it like walking on the steet is 5x safer. OF COURSE pedestrians are more likely to be hit on a crosswalk rather than when they walk on the pavement. And msot people use the crosswalks so it’s only evident that accidents occur on crosswalks..

      1. I don’t know you you think you are but this comment of yours is so laughable. I know what I’m talking about. Pricks like you aren’t even worth my time to point out where you made yourself sound like an idiot…. If you had a shred of respect we could have had an adult conversation…. shame.

        1. Hahah… Of course the boy screamed louder…. it’s the only time in our lives we get comforted for it!
          But really… I’m thinking it’s in Russia or Ukraine where boys are prized more highly than girls. That’s not up for debate…. it’s a well-accepted fact there. And mother didn’t look anywhere…. her bust. And people automatically feel safer in crosswalks so they rarely look around… so like Nesska said…. when we cross without a crosswalk we are usually much more observant… unlike this mother!

  11. That little girl is going to grow up paranoid as fuck. Mom better get her some new glasses. Along with some binoculars, and a periscope, before she hits the streets by herself.

  12. I keep telling you bitches doesn’t matter if its a crosswalk, a one way street, a green light or you are up on a fucking tree, some idiot asshole is always going to run you over.

    That is why you always look both ways. before crossing.

  13. That little girl got up REAL fast, saying “shit I hope no one else saw that! Embarrassing!” Lol poor kids. U should always look both ways even on a one way. Drivers are just too stupid not to.

  14. When I cross the street, I always look both ways, even on a one way. I don’t trust anybody. It was the mothers fault for not looking both ways before crossing. You better look out for yourself because no one else will.

  15. Looks like someone has a favourite. Little girl didn’t even get a sympathy hug after her date with the bonnet.

    and despite the driver going the wrong way, the mother and kids still popped out between those two parked cars very abruptly and without much hesitation. It could have just as easily happened with a vehicle going in the correct direction.

  16. not a very good mother but the kid also seems completely lost.
    Anyways im a mellow hearted kind of guy but i ussualy dont go too hard on this people because thats what accidents are,its a one quick second,or half a second of distraction and there you go

  17. It’s not a one way road, most big roads have sidestreets running along houses and shops, it a 2 lane 2 way road but people park on both sides and only leave 1 lane. In any case dumb ass bitch should look both ways several times before crossing the road alone let alone doing it with two little kids…. I see this every day driving to work in Moscow, stupid mothers cross the road with kids and not even look

  18. Wtf, nobody is giving a shit about that girl poor thing if i was there i wouldive slaped the bitch because she didint pull here children out of the way she just pulled her self out of harm.Well ladys and gentalmen i give you the mother of the year

  19. Look at the video towards the end where she’s walking out between the cars,doesn’t it look like she spins and throws the kids in front of the car as she spins herself away back using the kids for leverage?

  20. I went back and look at it again and it does indeed look like that the little girl is the farthest away and Was the one thats hit first so it looks like the mother pretty much snapped the whip.

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