Group of Motorcyclists Killed or Maimed by Truck

Group of Motorcyclists Killed or Maimed by Truck

Group of Motorcyclists Killed or Maimed by Truck

It’s your typical day in Indonesia. The country is heavily overpopulated so wherever you look, you’ll have half a million motorcyclists in your immediate vicinity and to it all, there’s always a retard on a vehicle larger than motorcycles that rams right through them.

This accident happened on Cilincing Bridge in North Jakarta. There appears to be at least two motorcyclists wedged under the front of the truck that plowed them – one appears dead, the other one maimed and still talking and at least one more person crushed under the front wheel. Brutal, but at least the video doesn’t have the irritating Indonesian music:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “Group of Motorcyclists Killed or Maimed by Truck”

  1. That guy under the wheel reminds me of a great Penn and Teller stunt I saw once. Only with less blood. And motorcycles. And not that many fucking useless gawking “couldn’t give a fuck” bystanders, shit, it’s a fucking day out for these cuntoids….

  2. Yikes! Did that truck driver go “postal”?! He fucked shit up! Homie in the khaki’s- that had to pop his balls!!! Poor fucks! Speaking as a non-professional here, would it have been wrong to pull the dude out that was still alive?! That would’ve been my initial reaction.. That driver scored mad points with that one!!

      1. I’m thinking the two alive ones were pinned with their trucks and the bikes jammed underneath. Back the truck off. Then there is complication of recrossing over the dude in khakis, but that would have not really mattered, as he was already dead.

        Guessing this order came from this local constable when he eventually arrived. The locals there were mostly to gawk & talk, but not do anything meaningful. Probably asking the two alive dudes “Does it hurt?”

        Their body language says they were crying for help, but nobody was doing anything.

  3. damn bike riders!! its apparent they all drove into this poor helpless truck like a swarm of bees…and then they cry and complain cos they have squashed limbs?!?! Pffft…you have no one but yourself to blame for that squashed testicle hindi bindi!

    on another note – do you think he could get more people under his tires??? sheesh!

  4. Poor fucker. If he were alive he could join me in the ranks of the uniballers: cancer survivors, torqued testicles, sports injuries, pissed off woman injury, oh yeah…and run over by a truck – add that new one to the list.

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