Helmet-Less Motorcyclist Splits Scalp – Open Wounds

Helmet-Less Motorcyclist Splits Scalp - Open Wounds

Helmet-Less Motorcyclist Splits Scalp - Open Wounds

There is a reason why helmets are compulsory pretty much everywhere now for motorbike riders. If you had any doubt about what they can do for you, have a look at this guy.

Following an uncontrolled dismount from his ride, our friend met the asphalt with his head and managed to split his scalp. I have no information as to whether he sustained other injuries or if his skull was fractured.

It is interesting to note the massive clots forming inside the split flesh over the bone. Head wounds are notorious bleeders, even a minor cut pisses out blood. I can only imagine romper stomper here would have had blood cascading like a human chocolate fountain.

I’d have liked to have seen the injury before being cleaned up. I’d also like to see what would happen if you yanked down on his ears.

48 thoughts on “Helmet-Less Motorcyclist Splits Scalp – Open Wounds”

  1. Ummm…why the fuck would you drive and or ride a bike without a helmet…you’re a dumbfuck!!…you earned that scalp blowout you now have…idiot…..I don’t give a fuck what anyone says I’m sticking to my guns here….if you do this..you deserve whatever injury you may get…just like if you drive drunk and die or drivers without seatbelts….speeders…all that shit..if you can handle the situation don’t put yourself in it in the first place then…duh….where’s my pot at damnit!!..

  2. The poor guy turned his head into an Xbox advert, should he live and with that scar he will no doubt be met with many shouts of “Xbox ON” as he walks down the street.

    I bet he can only see in 720p now as well, poor, poor bastard.

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