Hit and Run Accident Leaves Bicyclist on the Road with Crushed Head

Hit and Run Accident Leaves Bicyclist on the Road with Crushed Head

Mexico- still the hit and run capital of the world. Traffic accidents happen there often and they’re almost always hit and runs, with the only exceptions being accidents in which the offending vehicle becomes undrivable so a hit and run becomes a no option.

74 year old Ernesto Torres Naranjo was struck by a passing vehicle that knocked him off the bicycle and ran over his head. El señor died with skull cracked and brain matter spilled on the spot while his killer continued on his merry way.

It is incredibly sad that a man who battled along for 74 years and was still fit enough to ride a bicycle got killed by a irresponsible coward behind a wheel of a motor vehicle.

Ernesto Torres Naranjo was heading home on Mexico – Laredo stretch of the road between Mante and Valles in Tamaulipas. His corpse was noticed by another motorist who drove by shortly after the hit and run. That motorist stopped and called emergency. There was nothing anyone could do for the victim anymore, but at least there was someone with decency to report the road kill and prevent further damage to the body from passing cars that may not notice it.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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15 thoughts on “Hit and Run Accident Leaves Bicyclist on the Road with Crushed Head”

  1. i know in some countries theres no point to stop because youll just get lynched for getting out to do the right thing. maybe its the same in mexico?
    i have family that lived in panama and thats how people did it there. if you didnt keep going after hitting someone theyd just hack you up with machetes.

  2. I can’t actually tell it but it looks like he might not have any lights on his bike. if your riding a bike at night you want some all dancing and all flashing lights or you can be completely invisible to a motorist.

  3. Despite the braininess of this post, I’m suddenly reminded of how much I want to get a bike to ride around on. I haven’t had one in years! Of course, I will get some of the safety lights that mama-san is talking about. You just can’t afford to not be as “safe” as possible with all of these maniacs who’re out here driving around.

  4. i tend to give hit and run drivers the benefit of the doubt,imagine realizing what you did turning around and seeing something like this guy flat on the road,tend to go into shock and panic.

    of course there is also those who are wreckless or drunk,and im preety sure jails in mexico arent preety

  5. He managed to survive there for that long and this is the shitty death he gets? Wonder what weird ass death awaits me.
    I might actually manage to meet a female more evolved than even myself and end up as her dinner. Well, that might be kind of hot…I’m in a weird mood.

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