Hit and Run on Pedestrian Crossing in Denver, Colorado

Hit and Run on Pedestrian Crossing in Denver, Colorado

Hit and Run on Pedestrian Crossing in Denver, Colorado

This nasty hit and run happened on February 27, 2013 at 7:07 am at Colfax and Elizabeth Street in Denver, Colorado. East High School Student is in critical condition after being hit by a vehicle while crossing the road on a pedestrian zebra.

Denver Police Department posted the CCTV video of the hit and run on YouTube in hopes that public would help to track the offender down. If you recognize the vehicle or have any information which may help in assisting the police in getting the hit and runner off the streets, please call 720-913-STOP.

More offensive than the video itself is the fact that the first two comments made after Denver Police Department posted the video on YouTube were made by wimps whining about it being posted and asking for it to be removed.

You found this video offensive? Bitch, you ain’t seen nothing yet. What world you live in, for fucks sake? It’s time to take off those rose colored shades and face the real world. Do you fucking sheep still not get it that sticking heads in the sand and pretending evil doesn’t happen does not actually make it go away. Do you really think that if the video is removed it will be as if it didn’t happen? Words can’t describe how much I loathe you, demented sheep.

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    1. Run over twice my fault both times, once by a Ford f150 pick up in Toronto knocked me over two lanes and some how I walked away, I was drunk tho. The other time an old mini cleaned me out on my bike, knocked me into the air and hit me again On the way down kinda like a volley, walked away from that too, still my fault tho. Pedestrians need to learn.

  1. Very cold here in Colorado. Nice to see this made it on bestgore. Raised in CO. Not nice that the person who ran the pedestrian over is still out and about without having to suffer consequences. And yes…anything posted on youtube will be seen as offensive according to the sheep. Better show them the chainsaw video…

  2. there were several cars whose drivers witnessed the accident, I wonder why not one of them gave chase, just to jot down the vehicle’s plate numbers

    That’s what I would have done, if I was driving that suv, I would have followed the car, and waved on some cops if they happened by

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