Horrible Car Crash Near Moscow, Driver Ejected

Horrible Car Crash Near Moscow, Driver Ejected

Horrible car crash was caught on dashcam near Moscow in Mother Russia. Driver suddenly crossed over the median and collided with an oncoming vehicle. Resulting head on ejected him high into the air.

Спасибо pnn69 для видео.

134 thoughts on “Horrible Car Crash Near Moscow, Driver Ejected”

  1. Well that was a “once in a lifetime experience” right there! I’ve seen many a crash vid with a few ejections on here in my time but he takes the cake for most aerial somersaults!! Geez! Love how dude in the green car just stands there like- “fuck! I got somewhere to be and this fuck just crashed my Lexus!” Bwahaha!

    Thanks @Ate!!! =)

    1. ?*~Juicy~*?

      Awesome; a human wind turbine, possibly carbon neutral, and the driver in the green car was wearing flip flops.

      What more could you wish for other than a Mexican on a circus trapeze, with a chainsaw, to decapitate the human wind turbine as he went sailing past.

  2. That was sick as fuck yo..great vid ate thank you so much for bringing back the vids..yay..GORE…MORE PLEASE…btw..the music on this one wasnt so bad..i wish the drug cartels and dakka dakks would use this kinda music on their beheading vids..sigh..

    1. hahahaha yeah, hes dead alright. but hey, thats one hell of a car crash… seriously I have always said death by transit is the WORST! but if you got footage of you flipping in the air like THIS, with THIS SONG… pssssh fuck it, nice death. PLUS its kind of awesome to be featured on this site. so that alone makes his death pretty worthwhile. i guess. i mean, hes dead im trying to make the best of it? i unno, fuck.

  3. yo….yo…. yo, check uh, uhhh, ye its your boy russian high flyer, lets get it poppin papi, AY!

    flyin thru the air, flyin thru the air,flyin thru the air nigga flyin thru the air, like i dont care, mother russia nigga know I’m there, ya… i unno i just liked this song so i wanted to free style to it.

  4. Looks like he was shot out of a cannon. Imagine if you were racing home because you had to have a big crap, and I mean you are seriously speeding because you can’t hold in that turd, butt clenching and all, and then the traffic comes to a complete stop because of this. What would you do?

      1. Answer: You get out of your car, hop the railing and shit behind a tree. You use the leaves of the tree to wipe your butt, and then for a good wiping finish, you wipe your ass with your underwear and then discard said underwear, driving home comando. You then rinse off your hands with windshield wiper fluid from your car.

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