Indian Motorcyclist with Head Cracked Open, Brain Removed

Indian Motorcyclist with Head Cracked Open, Brain Removed

This video is from Shimoga, a city in the state of Karnataka, India. The motorcyclist got his head cracked open and as far as I can see, there’s no brain in the cavity. That he wasn’t wearing a safety helmet is pretty clear, but how he came by this skull crack I do not know. He may have ran into another vehicle, but I think it’s more probable that he was knocked off the bike and had his head run over.

There was always somebody stuffing their head in front of the camera filming this video. Brutal footage otherwise. Props to Best Gore member the_dude for the hook up:

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21 thoughts on “Indian Motorcyclist with Head Cracked Open, Brain Removed

  1. Sometimes it just isn’t your fucking day, and sometimes your day turns to shit and someone has to clean your brains from the street….hahaha

  2. India being the owner of the stupidest drivers in the world, I am not surprised. I can’t remember the highway, but 22 people die an hour on it there in India. Brutal in the least.

  3. Safest way to travel in India: While wearing a Halloween cow costume. Dress up, and watch the billion Indians you come across part like the Red Sea when you walk down the street.

  4. you may have heard this already, but in the uk motocyclists are known throughout the emergency service’s,unnoficially of it same in your respective countrys?

  5. Are those his shoes, soles up, between his body and the former contents of his head? If so, fitting, since this is India and he’s now “soul” up, ready for his next incarnation. At least his end was quick, poor man.

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