Insurance Scammer Fakes Injury, Gets Run Over For Real

Insurance Scammer Fakes Injury, Gets Run Over For Real

Insurance scams seem to be very popular these days. Throwing oneself on a hood of a slow moving vehicle and pretending to be hurt is common, but people who don’t have the balls to risk jumping on cars invent their own, no less laughable ways to get the insurance money.

Fellow in this video – I’m not sure what his plan was, but it obviously didn’t go the way he’d hoped. He faked an injury while crossing a road but unfortunately for him, the car which stopped to let people across must have been driven by a female driver cause she did not see him lay on the road and moved forward. And thus, the scammer was injured for real and pretty badly at that getting run over by an SUV.

The whole idea of insurance scams is to simulate severe injury while not getting hurt at all. This guy got hurt really bad. There should be a lesson for all insurance scammers in this – always check to make sure there are no female drivers around when attempting to fake an injure or else you’re gonna get more than you bargained for.

Props to Best Gore member KillJoys for the video:

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          1. Fair enough. My parents ruined certain things for me, too. Side note: I didn’t know you were British. I suddenly wish I could hear you say your screen name. “Gunk” must sound extra funny with an English accent.

          2. @Future Days, yup i’m a Brit living in the good old USA. I have a mixture of a British accent and an American accent. When I say ‘Gunk’ it sounds wonderful 🙂

  1. Reminds me of the health tourists we get over here. When they know there is something wrong with them they come over here and then just faint in the street to get taken to hospital. Of course they never pay any of thier bills.

  2. In the UK Insurance scammers are usually Pakis, they stamp on their brakes whilst you are behind in the hope that you go into them. If however you are a good driver and maintain a decent distance between the car in front the Paki scammer is left bewildered and left to munch curry by himself.

  3. I love the outcome of this video. Especially because any claim he tries to make from this incident will be denied. If he survives anyway. I am an insurance broker in Ontario and I know how much fraud affects everyone’s rates. In Ontario fraud accounts for an estimated $1.5 billion of claims paid out which is about 15% of the premiums earned by companies. It’s pretty clear how much that affects our rates

    1. And why the hell was somebody filming that exact spot? And why didnt they seem to surprised when he got runned over? If they were filming cause they were part of the insurance scam then thats pretty cause that screams fraud, obviously they didn’t even know wtf they were doing…dumbasses.

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