Jenni Rivera Plane Crash Site and Body Parts Video

Jenni Rivera Plane Crash Site and Body Parts Video

Jenni Rivera is dead and she’s ripped to pieces. Plane crash can do that to you. This video was filmed as soon as the site of their crash has been located. Everyone and everything on the plane, including the plane itself have been disintegrated by the crash, except from a few unbreakables, like pieces of fabric. A few body parts of Jenni Rivera could be identified – such as half of her foot with red nail polish on toenails, slab of her hair and two fingers ripped off her hand, but that’s about it.

The crash was without doubt preceded by a moment of utter horror, but the crash itself was clearly violent enough to kill everyone aboard in a flash. RIP Jenni Rivera.

Also check out photos of Jenni Rivera ripped to pieces. That’s also where more information on who she is is included.

Props to several Best Gore members who sent me this video, including Quetzalcoatle, jose0319 and snk3x:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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83 thoughts on “Jenni Rivera Plane Crash Site and Body Parts Video”

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  2. What an FAA nightmare, cataloging all those plane parts…..
    All bullshit aside, Besides the pulled skined foot exposing bone and the fingers and piece of her scalp theres more of her the authorities found…
    On a couple of spanish news channels they said her Father and also famous spanish singer Lupillo ( Lupito whatever ) Rivera ( her Bro.) where on they’re way to identify her body, be it half a torso, some tits, maybe a piece of her snatch, some rectum, or maybe some of her hairless head (face) I dont know. Theres more pices to this Human puzzle….Oh Jenni I will miss your other foot dearly.

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  4. As is often the way in life, one moment you are soaring above the clouds, higher than you have ever been before, when reality presents itself as a steel toecap boot aimed straight for the nether regions which coincidentally is the place you end up.

    Your unfulfilled dreams and unrequited loves fill the void of your paralysed mind as you unashamedly sit there in your piss soaked pants awaiting the ground to swallow you up only to have your final curtain call as a pile of entrails and your audience to be burnt out theatre critics..

  5. internets sheep trolls are fucking stalking the shit out of her young son. i dont have the heart to send him here to see this you know? about as heartfelt as i get. her family thinks she is still alive damn. oh yeah and the porno of her! just google it

  6. Amazing no fire, or camera wasn’t aloud to film that. Anybody see the Discovery channel show where scientists flew a passenger liner in the desert and crash landed it? Fascinating stuff. There wasn’t trees or obsticals to shred the plane but it crashed and one engine still ran full throttle after crashing. No fire.

  7. I actually do belive that a body can disintegrate in a plane crash, many pages back some of saw a video from a Russian dash cam where a van on the wrong side of the road was hit by a large speeding semi truck head on, what was surprising about that video is that the impact was so hard and violent that the semi truck literally disintegrated the van into an mist of tiny car parts, its was probably one of the most brutal car accidents I’ve ever seen on video and thats because there wasnt even any gore to be seen..just a semi truck hitting a van head on and exploding it into a million tiny pieces, after seeing that video I can understand how some people that are in violent plane crashes or train accidents can never be recovered or recognized. If a plane were to fall out of the sky cause of engine trouble or for what ever other reason and fall straight into a rock covered mountain side then its totally possible for the people inside to turn into smashed up shredded tiny pieces of their former self.

    1. Those are only the idiotic Hispanics that don’t appreciate good Mexican music. Jenni’s shit music is the type of sound that ghetto hoodrats and wannabe cholos listen to. The rest of us vomit at the sound of her “music”.

  8. You guys i think this was a setup the plane might have exploded or something fishy going on, seems Alejandra Guzman was going to aboard the plane with her that night but someone called/told her the plane was going down so she didn’t go with her she’s the only one that might know the true reason behind this plus there was no contact of the pilots seconds before they crashed this crash has so many questions to be answered it wasn’t an accident after all someone got rid of her and did a great job that is all.

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  10. This is horrible for her family. Don’t know her or her music, but I wouldn’t like to ever be in a position where I would have to identify bits and pieces of my sister. Can’t imagine how horrible it must be. I hope they never see these pictures… 🙁

    1. Yeah I heard they are really pissed too. From what I’ve read, that the same guys that filmed this video were the two police men that stole shit from the site and they just decided to put the video on the internet.

  11. I fucking hate how Hispanic news programs are covering this more than the Connecticut shooting. They just show Mexican fans singing outside her house while they all sob like she was some family member. I’m understand being a fan, but come on there’s more important shit going on than Jenni Rivera dying. I mean a month ago nobody even talked about her.

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