Jochen Rindt Fatal Crash Video – F1 Races in Monza, Italy 1970

Jochen Rindt Fatal Accident Video - F1 Races in Monza, Italy 1970

Jochen Rindt was a born in Germany F1 driver racing under the Austrian flag. He’s considered one of the top 20 greatest racers of all time.

On September 5, 1970 during practice for the 1970 Italian Grand Prix on the Autodromo Nazionale Monza race track near Lombardy, north of Milan in Italy, Jochen Rindt crashed into the barrier and died. He was driving without a tail spoiler and that contributed to his death. An Italian court ruled that the accident was caused by a car’s brake line failure, but the death itself was caused by the badly installed crash barriers and not wearing the crotch strap of his harness. The high speed impact caused the driver to slide under the belts and crash against the dashboard, crushing his chest and throat.

Because of how he was doing throughout the Grand Prix, it was assumed that Jochen Rindt would have won the world championship and so the award was given to his widow Nina Rindt, daughter of famous Finnish racer Curt Lincoln. This made Jochen Rindt the only driver to posthumously win the Formula One World Drivers’ Championship. Video of his fatal crash is below:

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15 thoughts on “Jochen Rindt Fatal Crash Video – F1 Races in Monza, Italy 1970”

  1. One time when i went to a F1 race with my parents in the 90’s the fake thing that were supposed to cover the sun in the stands broke cause of the wind and fell off i thought i was gonna die lol races can be exciting yet frightening oh also that day i got one of my fingers inured it was a bloody mess luckily my nail didn’t fall off and healed after 5-6 months on it’s own

  2. I saw a documentary recently about safety in F1, or should I say the lack of safety. Back then racing drivers died all the time, they expected it. It was a British racing driver, can’t remember who that organised the other drivers to demand safety measures were imposed, they refused to race at one of the Grand Prix fixtures. It was equally dangerous for the spectators as well.

      1. Originally yes, Jackie Stewart wanted to improve safety, But nobody cared about safety at the time. When Ayrton Senna died at Imola in 1994; Formula One changed…Racing changed…the world lost an extremely beloved person who even Jackie Stewart said to be “The Greatest Racing Driver not only the Fastest”. Ayrton’s friend and world renown neurosurgeon and F1 Safety Car Driver, Sid Watkins was responsible for starting more safety in F1. Since Senna’s death in 1994…there hasn’t been a driver mortality since.
        Ole Ole Ole Ola! Senna! SENNA!

  3. It’s amazing how hard a knock F1 or F2 racing cars can take nowadays and nobody gets hurt. Back in those days an accident would be lethal, but the same accident today might leave a driver totally unhurt.

    For example look at what happened to Mark Webber in Valencia, would have been fucking brutal a few decades ago.

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