Junkies Blocking Traffic in Lithuania Receive Street Justice

Junkies Blocking Traffic in Lithuania Receive Street Justice

Recent viral video out of Lithuania shows a nice dishing out of instant street justice.

The vid starts with the cameraman and two friends who look to be junkies wilfully obstructing the highway. At least, that’s the official term for it here in the UK where it’s a crime. One sad case in England saw a tramp who would beg from the middle of the road until police arrested him for his own safety. He got a bed for the night in the cells, and hot food, then he went out and did it again.

I may feel bad for the British tramp but I don’t feel remotely sorry for these three assholes. While the tramp picked small roads, begged politely, let traffic move round him, and had a genuine need, these three idiots are the exact opposite. While two of them sit square in the central lane, their cameraman pal dances round, screwing up one lane, then the other, laughing like a maniac while the two sitters flip off the oncoming drivers.

The fun starts when a coach from the capital city Vilnius shows up. The driver won’t take no shit and tries to scare the trio into moving by nearly ramming them with the bus, Bristol-style.

The three stooges incredibly still don’t take the hint so it’s up to the aggrieved motorists to take action. After a hot girl fails to intimidate them, a couple of men decide enough is enough and the human waste is hurled bodily off the road. Good riddance.

Thankfully, this likely doesn’t even count as assault; after all, it’s easy enough to claim it was all done for the men’s own safety. Wouldn’t want them getting run down by a bus, now, would we?

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47 thoughts on “Junkies Blocking Traffic in Lithuania Receive Street Justice”

  1. They should pass a law that allows you to run over idiots who sit in the road. Maybe call it the three second rule…they get one warning honk and then a three second countdown before you get to splatter them all over the road.

    1. I love it!
      In the spirit of mob mentality, I would have beaten the fuck out of those little pricks much worse than they got in the video.
      Pisses me off that the one little fuck was wearing a rasta style hat too, just giving pot a worse rep than it already has.
      They look wayy too old to be doing this kinda stupid shit anyways.

    1. Nope, it’s Klaipeda, the port city of Lithuania. And this area of the city has very bad reputation, cuz in port cities whores and drugs is a “must be”, to help sailors and fat cruise ships tourists to relax. But despite all this crap is quite a nice city to visit, so you are all welcome 🙂

      1. If one of my brillian ass-whoopings is ever caught on video I’ll be sure BestGore will be the first to see it.

        Almost happened last friday when some asshole cut me off in the parking lot, forcing me to hit my brakes. Immediately I reacted with both middle fingers and the dude got so riled up by it he stepped out of his car.
        I wasted no time stepping out to meet him but all he did was bitch for 2 seconds, size me up, then decided to avoid his public ass-whooping and peel out like he didn’t just emberass himself.

        This kinda shit happens about once a week, so I will have a video eventually!

  2. Haha at last Vilnius,Lithuania, home sweet home, these fucks just smoked some weed and tried to play dumb in the middle of the road, but Lithuania isn’t the best place to do these “jokes” (must be retarded to find this funny), basically people didn’t want to waste their time and started good ol’ ass kicking, they are quite lucky if it would be friday night they could get some serious brain damage P.S. this reminded me R?mi Gaillard playing snail in the middle of the road

  3. Wow, bus drivers in Lithuania are waaaay more talented than bus drivers anywhere else. That guy stopped that tank on a dime. Good for the guy in the suit and the guy in the white hoodie for decking these stupid cunts. Here’s to hoping the camera man and his fucktard hyena laugh are getting scraped off the pavement soon.

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