Korean Female Driver Pins a Girl, Instead of Reversing, Starts Screaming

Korean Female Driver Pins a Girl, Instead of Reversing, Starts Screaming

Korean Female Driver Pins a Girl, Instead of Reversing, Starts Screaming

It’s hard to tell what’s worse – DWA or DWF cause both are a complete disaster. But if you combine the two, it’s a blight, it’s a catastrophe, it’s a fucking Armageddon. Women need to do more ballet and less driving cause they are superior in the former, but unfixably useless in the latter.

I don’t believe there is a video in existence that would show the unsuitability of females for driving as exceptionally as this one. It happened in South Korea so the driver was also Asian to boot.

So this Korean female driver is driving through an open area used by high school students as an access route, seemingly talking on her cell phone and notices a walking young girl in front of her vehicle. While still at a safe distance, she instantly starts to scream and instead of braking, steps on the gas pedal, pinning the girl against a stationary vehicle in front of her. But it doesn’t end there.

As if pinning the girl was not bad enough, instead of reversing to free her from the trap, the Korean female driver kept her gas pedal down while screaming her dumb lungs out. Another girl approaches the female driver’s vehicle, desperately asking her to reverse but stupid female driver just kept screaming and revving forward. Driver of the vehicle she pinned the girl against likewise came out to see what the fuck was going on and realizing that it’s a female driver that pinned the girl, he ran back into his vehicle to take care of freeing the victim himself (that part not included in the video).

Could you believe this shit? Only a female driver could pull something like this off. Like it or not, that’s the way it is. It’s a fucking calamity!

The victim survived the encounter with female driver but suffered severe damage to her kidney, liver and lungs and had fractured ribs.

Props to Best Gore member sarcasty for the video:

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89 thoughts on “Korean Female Driver Pins a Girl, Instead of Reversing, Starts Screaming”

    1. Your not lying how are these people fucking driving cars they are already proven to be killers on there bike now they have cars to do it faster BG approved

  1. Never been in shock but HOW long does it last! Seems to me she had plenty of chances to reverse? Does she have a phobia of umbrellas and was scared shitless of seeing it?

        1. Dude….whatever. Sure, I do it sometimes as a joke but to say you hate asian drivers is a bit strong. I’m asian and a woman but I am an excellent driver who has never been in an accident or gotten a speeding ticket but I did get hit by a white person who decided stop signs do not apply to him.

          1. So you don’t like people who Stereotype Asian drivers, But your quite happy to Stereotype a white male for the same thing. Hmmmm such hypocrisy

  2. Shall I hit the brakes and avoid hitting the pedestrian?
    No. Fuck it. I will just scream like a gook in a napalm storm and hope for that everything works out ok.

  3. What a fucking useless, stupid bitch!! I’d have dragged her out of the car and reversed it for her – then drove it straight over her screaming face.

    Fecking moron should NOT be driving.

  4. Oh this is just a typical driving day for Maryland drivers in the metro DC area. The only difference would be that the driver and pedestrian would both be texting when the accident occurred.

  5. That dumb bitch should never ever be allowed to operate any machinery ever again. Unbe-fucking-leivable that she couldn’t brake in time. However straight up fucking STUPID that she screamed and couldn[t bother to reverse on the poor victim. I hope like hell she never visits my country and rents a car or a moped or a bicycle for that matter!

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