Leg Amputated at Knee in Motorcycle Accident

Leg Amputated at Knee in Motorcycle Accident

Women and motorcycles – any way you spin it, it just has a ring of something terrible about to happen. This time the girl wore a helmet which I’m sure contributed to saving her life, but having mounted a motorcycle in high heel shoes, she ended up with one leg amputated at the knee joint.

The best part of the video takes place at 1:38 mark when someone feels the girl’s breasts. Makes sense, doesn’t it? The girl is in shock after half of her leg was separated from the rest of her body so somebody touching her titties is the least of her concerns at this precious moment.

Funny that it takes leg amputation for a shoe to stay on. The leg that didn’t get amputated, traditionally misses its shoe. This principle was not adhered to by the other person involved in the accident (not sure whether he was a passenger or rider of another motorcycle that collided with the girl’s). He has both of his legs still attached, but only one shoe still on.

The breast touching seems to happen several times throughout the video. When the girl takes a look at her amputated leg (at around 3:47 mark), it clearly makes her uneasy. But who wouldn’t feel the same realizing that minutes ago you were whole and from this point on you will be a one legged cripple.

She seems to have a pretty hot camel toe in those tight shorts. Who knows, amputee porn always seemed to be a pretty high demand niche. Always look at the bright side of life.

The video is over 6 minutes long and during that time nobody applied any form of pressure on the amputated leg. The bleeding seems to have stopped, but she lost a lot of blood already so application of at least some make shift tourniquet could mean a lot. Who knows how long it takes an ambulance to come to an aid of a traffic accident victim in this neck of the woods.

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35 thoughts on “Leg Amputated at Knee in Motorcycle Accident”

  1. I am amazed how in a lot of countries they do not know how to apply a tourniquet for a fatally wound person. But they do know how to apply a tourniquet for using heroin… it is just plain stupid

  2. Forget the tourniquet, in practice while it does stop blood loss it kills of a lot of viable tissue and basically makes limb reattachment impossible. Tourniquets are not recommended for stopping bleeding.

    Wrap the wound in a clean towel, apply direct pressure on the wound, elevate the leg, keep her calm and call for help/rush her to the nearest hospital. She needs immediate stabilization, vascular surgery and limb reattachment.

    1. At least it appears to have spared the major arteries and veins in this case as the leg is still attatched at the back. I don’t think you would have many options apart from a tournaquet if the arteries and veins were severed as well. You could be dead in around 5-10 minutes without a tournaquet in that case.

    2. Wish more people were aware of this.

      A tourniquet not only can make reattachment less successful, it can also raise the amputation level. I have to work alot harder to operate a prosthesis because i have a really short above knee stump as a result of a tourniquet.

    1. Psh! I am inlove with her outfit! Especialy those shorts and heels!!!! I’d rock that anyday. She was gorgeous and stupid or not, you have to admit she looked hot as hell riding that motorcycle in that cute outfit and heels before the accident happened 🙂

  3. So are you saying her leg was ripped in half because she’s wearing a high heel? What a douchey shitbag thing to say. The majority of this shit crush bike videos a man is driving anyway. Trusting a man was her first mistake. I mean look what pieces of shit they are, feeling up a possibly mortally injured woman?? They should be the ones with the legs broken off.

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