Leg and Penis Ripped Off in an Accident

Leg and Penis Ripped Off in an Accident

I don’t know anything about this accident but it looks like it could be from Indonesia, or elsewhere in South East Asia. I think I’ve heard the screaming voice say Allahu a few times.

A man, presumably a motorcyclist had his leg and penis ripped off at the hip. He’s lost a lot of blood – you can see a pool of it around him – and is clearly in distress, although I don’t think it’s him singing Allahu. Large number of people that gathered round to see the spectacle support my guess that this could be from Indonesia cause the country is ridiculously overpopulated so you’re never too far from large crowds of incompetent tools. Lots of flip flops there too.

Props to Best Gore member vvrk77 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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84 thoughts on “Leg and Penis Ripped Off in an Accident”

      1. @fute, I gotta tell ya, when I first watched the video I heard laughing in the background but it turned out to be the movie I was watchin’ that I kept playin’ from my other movie (page)? So I had to watch the video again and the laughin’ wasn’t there. So that’s why I watched the video a few more times to make sure the laughing wasn’t coming from this video….but from my movie, but it fit right in hahahaha , did that make sense?

  1. The wailing sounds like Dr.Gonzo at that part in Fear & Loathing when he’s hanging over the passenger side door screaming gibberish at the car in the next lane.

    That is some gruesome shit, and I am pleased to see it. True Gore. Hell yeah.

  2. HOLY FUCK that is some insane shit, his lips are pale, that situation has to suck… I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to try and fight death thinking you can be saved in your mind even though clearly to everyone else you’re dying… Wow… that really is hard to imagine…

        1. Hey, do you realize all these videos have one thing in common? There is always a crowd watching someone in deep trouble and no one helps. How do you think a video ended up at this site and why are you here watching the video? Regardless how others feel, I can be myself commenting about how I feel.

  3. I don’t know what is worst, having your leg and penis ripped off. Or that moaning being the last thing you hear…
    So fucking annoying, if not the blood lost I am sure that voice from hell would have done him.

      1. I am not from Serbia but our languages are close, and with the help of Google translate I sort of understood what you meant.

        However I don’t think the voice is actually him. I think that it is someone in the crowd.

  4. Sounded like Cambodia… What muttering could be heard.
    Someone do this poor cocksucker a favor and blow his brains out….What man would want to carry on without his dirty skin-sword and scrotum shield…Not me no fucking way.

      1. @hockscroach,

        I’m surviving, I get depressed a lot having to live in my shit hole of a country but I’m surviving.

        Personally I think it is disgusting that this man had removed his clothing and lay down spread leg in front of all these people, for shame, for shame.

          1. My balls are in It was me’s medicine cabinet. Or have been dried out, mummified, and strung up, to be used as wind chimes. I don’t know.

  5. Well, for one, I can hear some vague Malay words (ethnic Malaysians/Indons basically share the same language and are dark brown in complexion). Furthermore, that guy?at the top right-hand corner of the vid?stooping down at around 00:22?00:25 seems to be wearing a “taqiyah” (a Muslim cap). Thus, I can conclude that this accident definitely took place in a Maritime Southeast Asian, snackbar country (Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei?take your pick).

  6. Here we go again, iit is hard for me to put into words to disgust i feel towards every asshole around him just standing there doing fuck-all & waiting for him to die while they film it. These people, need to learn basic life saving first-aid and have empathy towards the less fortunate in their time of need. Look at BOSTON for example, seconds after those bombs exploded, people were at the injured side performing first-aid and keeping them calm. Awsome 馃檪

  7. I hope he cursed those gawking pukes that just stood and watched! May hordes of flip flop wearing rape-demons haunt them straight to hell where THEIR junk and leg gets ripped off and used to violate them eternally!!!!! ….k… I feeling better….

  8. He might have survived,why do people say they should just shoot him dead,how do you know regardless of the pain he is going or penis or no penis that guy wants to live and is fighting to stay alive?

  9. Does this guy have a backside?An asshole to be specific.Usually in these situations the body releases the bowels and bladder.I dont think that happened in this mans case.But Im not paid to think.So what do I really know.O.

  10. I’d estimate ‘lower extremity numbing’ spinal damage has been inflicted on this poor,future coffin-dweller,plus obvious shock,so I’d say he’s now enjoying the company of Mohammed,Ahmed,Mustapha and other soil inhabiting Indonesian earthworms.

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