Legs Run Over by Truck at Jamia Hamdard University in New Delhi, India

Legs Run Over by Truck at Jamia Hamdard University in New Delhi, India

This happened at Gate 4 to the Jamia Hamdard University in New Delhi, India. A truck ran over somebody’s legs, and left them looking like they went through a shredder.

The victim appears to be still alive, and toward the end of the video, gets picked up for transport to a hospital. The shredded legs take a nice swing back and forth, like a pendulum on the Grim Reaper’s grandfather clock. Or his shriveled testes.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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58 thoughts on “Legs Run Over by Truck at Jamia Hamdard University in New Delhi, India”

    1. There are over a billion people who exist in India…life is cheap…someone gets run over…no big deal…..poverty is everywhere…yet their are billionaires in India who live in gated mansions and buildings….”Blessed are the wealthy…they have such nice stuff”

      1. Being that it is a poor Indian, he should probably be eaten.
        The leg is already shredded and I hear human meat has a pork taste to it.
        Shredded pulled pork sandwiches with Cole slaw on the top served on a hard roll…..yummy!

  1. Such a tragedy for the poor lady.
    Hope she recovers and gets back
    to normal life again. Poor girl.
    In India, people usually stop to help accident victims, contrary to what you might think.
    I have seen scores of minor accidents, and every time,
    people have come running at full speed to help the fallen bike riders, lift them up and to the footpath, raise their fallen bikes and then arrange for transportation to take the injured to the nearest hospital.
    However, Thank God I have not seen many major accidents in real life.
    The worst I have seen was a man flying off a bike in front of my eyes and bouncing off the road. He was unconscious and my friends and I picked him up gently and put him in an autorickshaw. 2 guys went with him to the nearest hospital.
    I hope he recovered but I did not follow up. An Indian might not be generous to his fellow countrymen, but he would definitely help a road accident victim.

    1. What an awful thing to am happen to someone.

      Why are three traffic laws in India so bad? Why can’t they at least spray lines on the streets to mark which lanes people should travel in instead of everyone driving helter shelter? There are no stops signs, speed limits. No one’s going to mess around.

    1. Thereafter she would have been taken to an NHS hospital wherein she would have been forced to wait in an hallway on a trolley for ten hours as a result of there being no available beds all thanks to uncontrolled immigration until finally being seen to by a non English speaking “doctor” fresh from the African Congo who bought his qualifications online but was still given the job just because he works cheap.

    1. When the blanket arrived @ the scene i thought FINALLY someone is going to apply a tourniquet!

      But no… they just use it to cover up those freshly tenderised streetmeat jerky legs.


  2. Driver had to have slammed on brakes while he was on his legs. How else would it just disintegrate like that? Tip if you run over someone you aren’t trying kill or destroy don’t hit the brakes and skid over them.

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