Man with Amputated Lower Leg Lies Dead on a Highway

Man with Amputated Lower Leg Lies Dead on a Highway

Man with Amputated Lower Leg Lies Dead on a Highway

I have no info on the background of this accident, but from the images in the video we can safely assume that the man was – as one would expect – betrayed by his flip flops. He lies there dead, with his lower leg amputated and barefoot to the boot, cause flip flops casually fled the scene after the accident. Can’t trust your flip flops not even in death.

All I know about the video is that the accident happened in VenĂ¢ncio Aires, state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil:

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29 thoughts on “Man with Amputated Lower Leg Lies Dead on a Highway”

  1. O.O I don’t know why but this seems fake to me? I don’t know. I’m pretty bad at guessing fake things and usually I’m naive and think everything is real haha.

    Ok, slight exaggeration but still. Somethin just seems odd to me about this.

          1. @rebelK, more blood…how about SOME blood? That foot does’nt have a single freaking drop of blood on it! Nada…nothing…zilch. How do you severe a foot yet not a drop of blood on it!

  2. I believe this to be fake. The lower leg was cut off presumingly by a car but the trouser leg is not only in one piece but completely unmarked. Not enough blood loss from the leg, no blood loss from the removed limb at all and the body position is all wrong, if you were in shock because of a removed limb you would have your arms near your face, his arms however are by his side, this would only hold true if he laded face first and brained himself however there is no blood around his face as you would expect from a face plant, also the road does not seem busy enough for someone to get clipped therefore I call fake on this one..

    1. “Oh! Look at me, I’m an expert forensic scientist, this is fake, Bla bla bla”

      It isn’t fake, brazilian roads are extremely dangerous, idiots drive on the side of the road and many times they hit pedestrians. Accidents like this are pretty common in Brazil, nobody would gain anything by faking this.

      1. Brazilian_NOTDASILVA, I am entitled to my opinion just as you are entitled to your own, no need to be mean spirited about it.

        I should have realised that casting doubt upon gore on a website where people love viewing gore would send arrows flying my way, it was a mistake on my part.

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