Man Crawling on Road at Night Hit by Car with Dashcam

Man Crawling on Road at Night Hit by Car with Dashcam

This dashcam video is from the Republic of Moldova – former part of the Soviet Union, now a sovereign state in Eastern Europe. It’s a night time video, showing reckless driving not too uncommon in this part of the world.

Everything goes fine for the car with the dashcam until at around the 0:35 minute mark, out of fucking nowhere a crawling man appears on the road right in front of them. The car hits the man at full speed which leads to the female passenger yelling like somebody was tearing her ovaries out.

The whole accident looks like something from a movie. I don’t know and don’t understand what the man was doing on the road and I certainly don’t understand how the driver did not see him. Dashcams don’t typically have top of the line lenses for decent night time picture, so what you see in the video is not what it looked like for the driver. Human eye can adapt to low light conditions better than a camera lens. Crazy video either way. Holy shit:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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65 thoughts on “Man Crawling on Road at Night Hit by Car with Dashcam”

    1. I can’t think of any other reason why it would happen. Although, Moldovans are basically Romanians who use the Cyrillic alphabet, so it could just be a typical dumbass Romanian removing himself from the gene pool.

    2. If it was a suicide then I wish the driver hit him harder. Then got out of his car and fucked him in the ass with a big glass dick, then snapped the end off and beat him over the head with it. The one thing I hate most is suicide seeking attention whores. Like the douche bags who jump in front of the same train I’m catching to work and delay me. When people do that I hope the suicide is as painful as fuck…..AND they survive so their scars remind them of how much of a douche they are.

  1. After I got over the initial shock and jumping from the scare that I experienced, I had to remove myself to the comfort of my bathroom to change my shitty panties, but I’m feeling much better now!!! lol

  2. I wish we had a member that could translate this for us. I think the driver was preoccupied with his conversation with his female companion and didn’t notice the guy crawling in the road until it was too late.

        1. I`ve listened to the first 30secs like ten times.I couldn’t make out what they said.The sound is too muffled . By the tone of their conversation it seems to me that they were talking about somebody (family,or acquaintance ). you may be for the rest ,it goes liek this “-Oh,God.Oh God!
          – Calm down,I said calm down! etc.”

    1. the ambient noise is too loud + they have a different accent, i can’t understand what they’re saying. after the crash though it goes something like :

      F: *sobbing*
      M: Calm down!
      F: *sobbing*
      M: Did you hurt your head?
      F: No, i didn’t. *sobbing*
      M: Ok, calm down. Don’t be afraid, we just have to call the police.

      Then he got out to call the police. Inbetween she went OMG a load of times ( doamne dumnezeule = oh my god ) and that’s about all.

      I wish i could help you with what they said prior to the crash but i can only make out a word here and there.

      1. @antiqque, thanks for the translation! I just wondered if they were discussing something serious before the accident and he was distacted by it, not watching the road. Wouldn’t have mattered much, if you’re crawling around on a highway at night, it’s your fault.

  3. 0:46
    women: oh my god oh my god
    guy: calm down,calm down i said
    guy are you hurt/injured?
    women : no,i’m ok
    guy: calm down calm down dont fear ,we need call the police
    women crying some more
    guy: where is the phone
    women : crying again
    guy calm down everything is gonna be fine

    not sure if it helps but here it is 😛

      1. Man, I tried my best, I can’t really understand what they are talking about, it’s not that clear, plus they have a moldavian accent, and I’m from Romania. All i kinda understood is that the woman is saying that she is stressed about something, I didn’t manage to understand about what. Maybe if there is someone from Moldova around here they might help you.

  4. I expected to feel horrible when I first started watching but I couldnt bring my self to click back to the previous page the whole time I was thinking “ehhhh I shouldnt see this” and then BAM! I stared laughing

  5. Seriously, what is up with videos of people crawling across the fucking road? There are hundreds of dash cam vids of people narrowly avoiding hitting people crawling in the fucking road out in some Russian shithole. It is refreshing to see one get hit for a change. I have read that people do that shit hoping to get hit so they can file a lawsuit, I personally think motherfuckers drink out there and are so fucking stupid and inbred they crawl around in traffic like cows.

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