Man Cut in Half in Horrific Volkswagen vs Semi Truck Car Crash

Severed Torso of a Man Ripped in Half after Horrific Car Crash

Driver of Volkswagen passenger car failed to estimate the time needed to pass a vehicle on a high speed highway and crashed into an oncoming semi truck. Trapped inside his car that was no match to giant semi, guy was crushed to death and cut in half. I’d love to say that this will teach him to pass vehicle when he can’t see well ahead, but I don’t think he’ll walk this one off.

Truly horrific car accident and rescue workers are left to clean up this bloody mess. One a more positive note – I don’t think he suffered much. His Volkswagen is crushed into that semi so well, the speed at which he run into the truck must have been pretty high. It was just a fragment of second and he was instantly cut in half. Fairly quick way to go, except that the aftermath leaves you looking horrific. At least he didn’t suffer.

Gallery of pictures from this horrific Volkswagen vs Semi Truck car crash that left the man cut in half is below. Thanks Jason for tip and pics 😉

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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29 thoughts on “Man Cut in Half in Horrific Volkswagen vs Semi Truck Car Crash”

  1. idk for some reason im not convinced that this is real…what’s up with the eye sockets?…where are his eyes?? it looks like a dummy!! btw where do you find all this stuff anyway??

  2. spizz – its 10 times bigger and taller than a regular truck…it’s a truck used for towing cars or mauling products…it’s not only found in america…it’s a worldwide truck

  3. Cool, looks like you could wear his face like a mask. I bet his eyeballs got launched out of the sockets and were rolling around somewhere nearby. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this site is that the eyeballs always survive.
    So I decided to make an indestructible suit out of eyeballs.

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