Man Cut in Half but Still Alive – Nobody Consoles Him

Man Cut in Half but Still Alive - Nobody Consoles Him

If my sources are right, then this video is from Mali. Mali is a country in West Africa that got its name out after the French invaded it a few weeks ago. The incident I don’t think has anything to do with the French. It appears to be traffic related.

The man was cut in half and survived. Nothing new there, we’ve had plenty of videos on Best Gore with people getting cut in half and living to experience the helplessness of having their bottom half detached. Likewise, as was the case in previous videos of people cut in half, nobody even attempts to console this fellow. He’s pretty much done for – finding himself halved in Mali – but that’s precisely why someone should man up and make his last moments on Earth a little easier to bear. Fleshy viruses indeed.

Props to Best Gore member @kac for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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186 thoughts on “Man Cut in Half but Still Alive – Nobody Consoles Him”

      1. It doesn’t have to do with helping him, but it has to do with just talking to him and help him at least feel a little better while he suffers….too bad shooting him to put him out of his misery is illegal.

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          4. Love the idea. But the guy wouldn’t even feel it…He’s trying to move his legs, see? Oh, the look on his face when he turns his head. And of course, the potato who films cuts before we even get the reaction…Pffff

          1. My first comment was an answer to the blowjob joke, that Brokeback did, just saying that I do not agree with ANYONE here getting sodomized and blah blah blah. Sorry 馃檪

        1. Not stupid whatsoever! Truth be told that even if i was just about to check out, I’d still feel better for that few minutes knowing that someone cared. And in all honesty, if i were there, I’d do the same. Even if i didn’t know him. I’m very apathetic to other humans despite the things I’ve grown up seeing, etc. So not stupid at all!

          1. You do know that “apathetic” means that you don’t care & don’t feel anything at all, right? I’m thinking you meant to say “empathetic.” Which means you are aware & feel for/relate to other people. Which seems to be what a lot of people lack entirely.

        2. @Ferestha, there is nothing stupid with what you said, anybody who has any kind of compassion for another human being would try to console them. My thought is that you treat other people how you, yourself or your own loved ones,you would want to be treated.

          1. true re apathetic. Also tru that the word lay is used 99 times out of 100 when they mean lie. As in “He was laying on the floor.”

        3. well you are thinking about this world, but the man saying the arabic words was thinking more about the other world. before soul leaves the body evil has more power to take you off from the right path. and if your last words will be La illaha ilallah. its much beter than holding his hand. but you blond wont get anyway.

      1. HEY PEE-WEE HERMAN!!! Do you EVEN know what I was joking about??? The voice in the clip keeps saying NAA NAAAA NAAA and it reminded me of that song so I made fun of that! Not the guy cut in half ! Self appointed upholder of everything holy! And besides why are you even here ???? Go cry somewhere else A-hole!

    1. out of all this shit,what the fuck does la illah allah mean?i know allah means god….but the rest?and i agree to all those who think someone should at least have tried to talk to the poor guy….i mean everybody was just moving around and one fucked up idiot kept yelling la illah allah….what a wonderful world

    2. “la ilaaha illa allah” is a phrase from quran and it is believed that if you say it three times on the moment of your death you will go to paradise.

      I have witnessed countless of times this kind of incidents on muslim countries where someone gather around, start filming with mobile phones and keep saying this phrase but not helping them anyhow.

  1. I’m sure he can find work in the U.S. Ask Drccoco about you’re employment option’s half-wit. These reality T.V shows come up with new twist’s for shows almost daily and I’ve seen one coming up that has all the freak’s living under one roof doing all their odd-ball shit. Drccoco work some magic for this poor bastard, and I’m not talking about re-attaching those legs. lol

          1. You could take his mind off of it by offering to take him shoe shopping when he feels better or tell him about the big dance that’s coming up soon that he simply can’t miss and everybody that’s anybody is going to be there!!!

    1. His body is in shock so it doesn?t quite understand what?s going on. It?s all like wtf bro? where?s our feet at? Is that our blood? Man we really need to get our toe nails cut, shit?s ridiculous!”

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            Everybody has their fair share of bad days and we all bitch and moan on here but, you don’t seem to be able to be anything but angry and for that I’m sorry for you!!!

          3. @Sage thank you for saying what I have wanted to but haven’t. I appreciate that.

            Pure white is all right! No need to let others make you feel ashamed. 馃槈 or bad, or dirty.

          4. Fuck the both of you, don’t come here with your fake morals while you enjoy watching some nigger cut in a half. you come to this page for the same reason I do: to watch poor people from third world countries suffering.

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            You are a rude woman. I haven’t liked you since the first time I “talked” to you about the child rape and you enjoyed viewing and the laughs you wanted from posting it.
            I wholeheartedly agree with Trevorek7 and SageMoon and the others that posted on the rape thread. But as Mark has this open we are all open and able to say as we please. With that I hope that your life can find happiness and not so much hatred.

          1. @anna, you wanna provoke me? the bitch like you – so pathetic, I’d rather say I come here to laugh at lowlife scums like you. I’m not newbe here, I just rarely comment finding it pointless because most of it here it’s a complete trash not worth of any of my words. Comments should be filtered somehow cos not everybody deserves the equal vote I think, so you may not call me a fucking liberal. And when I see this guy suffering, I feel sorry for him and for any other victim; this gives me something you may never understand – fragility, probably does not exist in your poor vocabulary. And I’m faraway from hating people. I’m not saying I love niggers and others, but I’m extremely happy I’m not primitive as you are. See? I will post it, close it and change myself, but you go and shit yourself staying where you is now!

        1. @ J3ZAB3l

          Good to know someone shares my point of view. I don’t like to get nervous be after someone like her, because she likely enjoys reading it all we have written here. Anyway, I’m happy people like You have their minds open widely; much wider than the rest of Annas-kind. I feel sorry for her. Only I hope she does not get her half naked embarrassing pictures here someday with head crushed or something. Warm regards from Egypt.

  2. That’s sad..
    ‘La Ilah Ila Allah’ means ‘There’s no god but Allah(god)’ . And in Islam, If you say it right before dying, Allah’s (god) mercy will be upon you in the judgement day. Why?
    Well, the most important thing in Islam is ‘TAWHEED’ which means not putting partners with god(no son, no wife..ect). So that’s why he was saying it and the people around him remind him to say it ..
    P.S: Allah = God

    1. @dmjeed .. BUT instead of people around him who thinks its more important to remind him saying la ilah lla allah,-WHILE THEY RECORD HIS AFTREMATH AND DEATH- its more important to hold his hand and to let him know that there is someone who cares, and who will stay beside him for the few minutes left of his life.- i dont know, why they fake to be good muslims, ( say la illah allah, bro ) and record his death with their mobile (look mom, that just happend !). its beyond my immagination.

      1. I agree with you in the filming part.
        First, I would say English is not my first language, so please excuse me for any mistakes.
        Secondly, I live in Canada, I would say that I have been to most countries in Africa ,including somalia, for charity. what we have seen in that vedio is happening everyday there. It’s sad but is happening. Hospitals are primitive, I had coughing in the other day and I couldn’t find treatment except aspirin! Literally, There are no medical facilities equipped at all.
        They should’ve helped that man, I’m totally with that, but they had experinced that Incident hundreds of times, and they knew there was no chance to help him; also, they might get killed by the person who murdered that man if they help him( if he was murdered).. It’s so complicated life there; thus, It’s not easy to blame anyone unless you were in his/her shoes.

        1. english isnt my first language either. 馃槈 maybe its my fault to think thats even with complicated lifes and millions of slaps in the face from life -that even then, humanity should not be ignored. see, ive been to afghanistan before, and life there isnt that easy as well, but belive it or not, the people there still help each other. most of all, they would beat the shit out of that guy who records this tragedy.

      1. @senor, nap time if was! He was totally trying to sleep, just couldn’t get comfortable. 馃槈
        I think he didn’t know either, seems like he was out of it, if that happens to me I hope I’m out of it as well. Cause damn!

      2. @ItWasYou andJ3ZAB3L, I think he went into shock, hopefully that dulled the pain and emotional trauma. And yeah, that sure looks like a wedding ring. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did, since Islam, Judaism, and Christianity are all related. Just one big international disfunctional family.

    1. @itwasme I can watch most of this stuff but I can’t and won’t watch anything with young kids. Except for the baby autopsy. It was actually beautiful! How the intestines were pure white and everything was so perfectly clean and beautiful. Weird I am, at times. 馃槈 I also can’t watch the be headings. I know most all my BG brothers and sisters LOVE those, but I cannot do it.
      This video wasn’t bad though, I turn the volume down so I don’t hear anything that will make me sad. (Like the man crying for his dead girl after motorcycle accident) 馃檨

      1. @J3ZAB3L, In general, I don’t watch kids ( didn’t see the baby one you mentioned), beheading and torn-in-half-still-alive vids. (I did watch the Saudi executioner vid.) In most of the above mentioned posts the still photo plus Mark’s description, along with comments, are enough for me. In my opinion, if we all viewed this site with the same mindset, all the comments would basically be the same. 馃槈

        1. I actually like the fact that there’s a good balance of humor, compassion, opinions, mixed with some ugly hatred, etc. ok, so it sucks on the ugly hatred when a bit of yourself is included in that group, but who cares what people think, right?! Any who- I got to say that you @sagemoon and @J3Z, bring the heart to BG! I really like that! You guys are like the rainbow after a thunderstorm! <3

          1. Well thank you kindly Miss Juicy! That is very sweet. I think we can all be ugly or have some hatred at times. Human nature I guess. But we need to also be able to express different emotions. Maybe not even that but it can be frustrating hearing negativity ALL the time from one person or a group. I love the diversity that BestGore has brought together, without it I don’t think it would be an interesting read (except for Marks views). Plus the humor is my favorite part in most of this any ways.
            Thank you again Beautiful Juicy! Much love to you and Miss Sage!

  3. there’s no sense in consoling someone who is minutes from death, a strangers words mean nothing to that man. the only people who want a hand to hold and a comforting word as they die are people who can;t accept the fact that they are going to die.
    you die alone…all the kind words and back rubs as your laying there bleeding out wont do shit to help you or make you feel any better. you die alone. completely utterly fucking alone.

    1. I agree. Alot of times when I’m in pain I don’t want nobody touching me. And how do we know he’s even paying attention to what anyone’s saying. He’s probably like “shut the fuck up and give me a bucket!”

  4. I think about this happening to me almost every time a car passes me when I’m out on one of my walks. What a horrible way to go. I can only hope that the whole surviving part doesn’t last too long before everything goes black.

    1. @Spinal Tap, Me too, when I’m out walking my dog at night! It must depend to a certain degree where on the torso you get broken in half, as to how long you survive…I wish one of the medical people on here would discuss it.

  5. Poor bastard. The people that stood around are dicks, I mean I can kind of get not trying to help I mean what are you gonna say “you’ll be fine just walk it off” but standing around the guy likes he’s a fucking street performer is messed up.

    1. No, just a human. 馃檪 I would like to think that I would try to help, or console him. But I could be in shock seeing that just take place in front of me. It is one thing on here but another to see it in “real life”.

      So be nice to yourself mean kitty. 馃檪

    1. Havent lost half my blood but I did havd heart failure and also cardiomyopathy(an enlarged heart), still do, at the same time. My heart was only functioning at 22% (still does) and was only beating at 32 beats per minute. Needless to say blood flow was slowed as was the oxygen carried with it. Actually clotted my blood and i threw a blood clot into my right lung. Very light headed, blacked out many times and have short term memory loss from the lack of oxygen. Not the same as what you are asking but restricted blood flow screws you up as well. ( but I think I will keep my issues compared to his)

        1. My heart has only gotten a little better, it functions at 27% now, which causes me lightheaded ness, slow heartbeats and blood clots. I have to remain on heart meds and blood thinners the rest of my life. The damage of my memory is done, it still affects my every day happenings. But….I am alive! The hospital saved my life! Woo hoo! So I will take what happened and deal with them and be happy with what I have. 馃檪

  6. HA! Get fucking real all you dumb fucks who think talking to the guy would make him feel better ha BEST fuckin thing anyone could do for him right now is shoot him in the fucking head or get his family to talk to for the last time….so on the note eat a dick and shut the fuck up you sheeps

    1. I believe you meant “you sheep”. “You sheeps” is not proper grammar my friend. And simply wanting to show someone some compassion as they’re dying doesn’t make anyone a sheep. Maybe ill cut you in half with scissors and let people step over you as you bleed to death. Dumbfuck.

  7. what a wonderful get chopped in half and all you hear is “la illah allah”.the fuck????i mean for fuck’s sake,he’s a poor human being out of fucking luck and no one even tries to speak him into dying calmly?or at least try to consolate him?

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