Man Dies with Road Rash in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Man Dies with Road Rash in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

From what I understand, this man was struck and dragged by a vehicle on Autopista 30 de Mayo in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Everybody just stood there and stared, no ambulance, no police, no attempt to do anything about the injured man, so he eventually died.

There doesn’t look to be any blood on the road, but the victim has a few nasty road rash patched on his body. By the looks of it, along with China, Dominican Republic would be one of the worst places in the world to get run over.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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18 thoughts on “Man Dies with Road Rash in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic”

    1. Brutally painfull for sure @Ii was me, but really could you stand there and do nothing ? I for one could not, i would try to talk to him to keep him from going into shock & would check for breathing his airway to make sure , prop his head gently and put my rolled up T-shirt under it. Keep him calm and hold his hand. This alone can save a life SAD 🙁

      1. No, thedre, I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing. I’d call their version of 911 (in the U.S.) or emergency services, and tell the person they were going to be okay, see if anyone had something we could cover the person with, stay until help arrived. Honestly, that’s probably as much as he could expect from me. I’m sorry. I’d be afraid to touch an injured person. 🙁

        Although, I’m really impressed by how much you’d do! I’f I’m ever hit by a car in Canada, I hope it’s in your neck of the woods!

  1. I hate these countries where the people just stand and stare, film, or simply walk by. That would never happen in the UK, USA , Germany and plenty of other places. It seems there is a short list of countries where the people are so unaffected.

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