Man Hit by Train Dies with Ass Crack Out and Head Smashed

Man Hit by Train Dies with Ass Crack Out and Head Smashed

No backinfo. The video shows a mangled body of a man between railway tracks. He’s naked from waist down, showing off his ass crack, and his head appears smashed open. The bones in his legs, and possibly also his pelvis, appear fractured. Train wins again.

The video starts with shorts of random body parts, presumably shards of his shattered skull. Later when some of the people are shown, they appear dressed the way people in India dress up. I’d presume the video could be from India.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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72 thoughts on “Man Hit by Train Dies with Ass Crack Out and Head Smashed”

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    1. Fuck, for sure man, as they take the #2 spot, on the list of suicides worldwide me, thinks! As the #1 spot belongs to the Country of Hungary, who has been in the #1 spot since ww2, or even earlier, not sure. Europe might take over the #1 spot if those Muslim Refugees do not calm the fuck down, and leave it’s native population alone, ffs.

      1. The Hungarians were #2, behind Southern Italians considered to be criminally insane by the American Eugenics movement back in the day. The theory regarding Hungarian madness was that they hailed from Gypsy Romany stock. The Eugenics movement also invented the word “moron”.
        Knew a train conductor who said the first thing they noticed to see if they hit a person was the rancid smell of the bowels being ripped open.

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  4. DId the train WINNEDED again??

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  5. Musta been an early morning train, it had crunchie nut for breakfast. British pulled out of India in 1947 to save money, which was needed to help dump ( the jews problem into Palastine with the U.S in 1948

  6. I’ve contemplated suicide in the past, one serious attempt taught me how fucking resilient and strong it can be in the face of death, our body goes into a weird survival mode ( unless it’s jumping off a significant height or blowing our brain out ) the body is a strong motherfucker really. But trains? nopes train will fuck you up.. but it’s not dignified . Your bare ass and ball sack .. tits all mashed up being filmed by a thousand peeps… no thanks. better to just jump off the ferry mid way between Melbourne and Tasmania completely drug fucked.. peaceful. wont end up on Bestgore – sorry lads, lol

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