Man with Mashed Up Face and Ripped Out Jaw Performs Agonal Breathing

Man with Mashed Up Face and Ripped Out Jaw Performs Agonal Breathing

Man with Mashed Up Face and Ripped Out Jaw Performs Agonal Breathing

In Dandeli, state of Karnataka, India, a pair of men on a motorcycle got into an accident and both got beat up. Both of them look pretty dead. One had his face mashed up and jaw ripped out. He performed impressive agonal breathing for the camera.

I don’t know how they got involved in the accident. The bike’s front wheel is warped, so I’d guess they didn’t just wipe out on the straight road, but rather ran into something. No idea.

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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105 thoughts on “Man with Mashed Up Face and Ripped Out Jaw Performs Agonal Breathing”

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  2. The other guy looks just knocked out he was the pillion who had his drivers body as an airbag to crash into when they crashed into the rear or front side of a truck. Fuck that was brutal. Nice vid coverage. 7/10

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  3. Poor bastard. I’m not heavily into gore, I don’t even have the stomach to watch a beheading. But this site has made me aware of how precious life truly is, that we can be taken out at any given moment. Anytime venturing out from my four walls I always try to size up potential dangers and be totally aware of my surroundings.

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  5. Is jaw dropping a reliable indicator of attraction? Or can it indicate something else? Like maybe you’re just a corpse in a motorcycle accident?

    The expression on his face gives me the idea that he is in shock or awe or something like that.
    The other guy just looks gay or maybe he’s just happy to be gay.

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